10 Non-Sandwich Lunch Ideas by MOMables

Need non-sandwich lunch ideas to fill your lunch box? 

10 non-sandwich lunch box ideas recipes via momables.com 

Our Meal Plans are designed to help you add variety to your family’s lunches and meals. They include non-sandwich ideas that are made with real ingredients and quick to prepare.

To help you get out of your sandwich routine a little, we’ve put together a post with Non-Sandwich Lunch Ideas!

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Not every kid loves bread or, due to dietary restrictions, can have it. Specialty gluten-free and allergy-friendly breads can get expensive! Don’t worry, we got you covered, including two delicious new MOMables recipes in this post!

Mini Pumpkin Pancakes are a fun way to rock Breakfast for Lunch! The best part about pancakes is when you make one big batch, you can freeze them so they’re ready at your fingertips for breakfast on the go or in your lunch box.

Another yummy idea are our simple Apple Wraps. Tons of flavor without the bread! They’re also low in carbohydrates making them diabetic-friendly.

My daughter loves egg salad. The MOMables recipe for Greek Yogurt Egg Salad isa kid pleaser! That recipe is available when you subscribe to our free newsletter by clicking here.

Pizza is another family hit! Our gluten- and grain-free crust recipe can be made into different fun shapes with your choice of toppings.

Another grain-free favorite? Veggie Lasagna Cups. A great way to add more veggies into lunches with tons of delicious flavor.

Speaking of veggies, have you made our Spinach Artichoke Cups yet? Turn a delicious appetizer into a fun finger food for lunch.

Berry Good Wraps for Berry Good Kids! ;) Another MOMables recipe included at the bottom of this post, it’s a delicious salad wrapped in a healthy tortilla. Yum!

There’s a reason our Homemade Chicken Nugget recipe has been pinned more than 2,000 times. It’s simple and delicious! Stop buying the unhealthy bagged ones in the freezer section, and make your own for dinners or lunches.

As fall approaches, or family gatherings, break away from the typical “leftover turkey sandwich,” and try our Easy Turkey Broccoli Quiche recipe instead. A yummy lunch box treat for kids and adults!

Change up the typical burrito by adding nutritious black beans and sweet potatoes. It’s a great way to use up leftover sides from dinner, rolled into a delicious wrap for lunch!

Berry Good Wraps
MOM Tip: Lightly dress spinach-strawberry salad right before packing, or put dressing in a side container for dipping.
Cuisine: Lunches
Serves: Serves 1
  • 2 tablespoons whipped cream cheese
  • 1 8-inch tortilla (whole-wheat recommended)
  • Small handful baby spinach
  • 2 or 3 strawberries, sliced
  • 1 slice nitrate-free bacon, cooked and crumbled (organic recommended)
  • 1 tablespoon raspberry vinaigrette dressing
  1. Spread the cream cheese over the tortilla.
  2. Layer the spinach and strawberries, and top with the bacon.
  3. Lightly sprinkle with the dressing.
  4. Roll tightly, and cut the wrap in half.



  1. Carson says

    My kids love ham or turkey wrapped around sweet pickles. (I usually cut each pickle in half so that they get a fair amount of protein rather than filling up on pickle.)

  2. Amber says

    Thanks so much for sharing all your great ideas and making them available to other! This is worth the money you are asking for! I can put my extra time into planning and being a better homeschool mom all while having confidence I am giving my kids healthy meals too! One less thing for a momma to think about is freeing!

  3. Christine Lacey says

    Do you have any advice for bento boxes with sealable sections? My son likes sliced tomatoes and tomato juice leaks out of that section into his other sections.

    • says

      which lunchbox are you currently using? check out our store for the lunchboxes i like. it sounds like you need a compartamentalized container. one container with different sections. how are you sending the tomatoes? sliced by themselves? in a sandwich? give me a little more info so i can help :)

      • M Anderson says

        I just purchased the Yumbox bento lunch box and it has several compartments but it doesn’t leak. I can put yogurt and dips inside and it does not spill over onto other areas. The entire box uses one sealed attached lid, which I find is much easier for my 4-year old. No more lost individual lids!

        • Sharee says

          Look into Kids Konserve round containers (they don’t leak), Lunchbots leak proof rounds or their click lock containers (leaf proof).

    • says

      Try the “Press and Seal” glad wrap. That way you can just seal off the messy section without having to try to cover the entire thing.

    • Roimata says

      Have you seen the planetbox ones? They come with sealable containers that fit inside, a little one for dips and a big one for substantial items.

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