20 Easy Summer Camp Snack Ideas

Do you need easy summer camp snack ideas? Here are 20.
20 summer camp snacks MOMables.com

Not only do our lunch menus help parents year-round, but we also have lots of healthy snack ideas for you to try, all in our members section.

The MOMables team values healthy options. Which is why the team makes menus for lunches year-round! Just because school is out doesn’t mean you’re done packing healthy foods for your kids. Most all-day and half-day summer camps ask for a snack sent from home.

Why waste the money (and add to landfills) with little single-size servings of chips, when you can send appealing, fresh, healthier options from home?

Plus “mini bentos” are usually easier for little hands to open, and faster than ripping open multiple sealed store-bought packages!

Think of how special they’ll feel knowing you put in the extra effort to pack something that is good for them. These snack ideas are great sides to a homemade MOMables lunch from our MOMables menus.

I like to send a special dessert-y treat once a week, as a reward, plus I’m often stumped for ideas and just plain tired of packing snacks by then! So we have “Friday Treat-Day!”

20 summer camp snacks week 1

Top to bottom, left to right: strawberries, homemade kale chips, gluten-free cheese crackers; root chips (sweet potatoes and beets), cinnamon sugar popcorn (Friday Treat-Day!); strawberries, carrot coins, edamame, cheese puffs; apples, MOMables breakfast cookies; cheese assortment (sharp and mild cheddars, Colby Jack, mozzarella,) apples.

 20 summer camp snacks week 2

Popcorn, carrot coins, pomegranate arils; Greek yogurt (sweetened with honey,) nut-free berry granola; corn tortilla chips, guacamole; chocolate-peppermint wafer cookies (Friday Treat-Day!), mini cheese round, apples; cheese puffs, strawberries, apples.

20 summer camp snacks week 3

Left to right, top to bottom: Cheddar, grapes, cheese puffs; crackers, carrot sticks, ranch dressing; yogurt tube, tortilla chips, salsa; homemade kale chips, roasted salted chickpeas, apples; donut hole (Friday Treat Day!) popcorn, sugar snap peas.

20 summer camp snacks week 4

Top to bottom, left to right: Apples, chocolate-covered pretzels (a little treat); grapes, seasoned sunflower seeds; root chips (sweet potatoes and beets) cheese; Chobani Champions Yogurt tube, crackers, guacamole; cracker sandwiches with sunflower seed butter spread (nut-free!) strawberries, vanilla wafer cookies.

MOM Tips: Remember to include an ice pack, or freeze more perishable items (like yogurt, meats, and cheese) the night before, so they stay fresh in the summer heat and thaw by snack time! You can even freeze guacamole and hummus. By freezing, it acts as an ice pack for the rest of the snack! Be sure to send a drink as well! Water in a reusable (insulated) water bottle is your best option for staying hydrated and healthy!


  1. Laura N. says

    Love this list…thank you! I also like a couple of the divided containers you show. What brand are they so I can search for them. Specifically the purplish one with the yogurt and granola, and the blue onr with cheese puffs/apples/strawberries. I need to add to my collection for lunch packing and those are perfect sizes.

    • says

      The purple one with yogurt and granola is a Sassy First Solids Feeding Bowl w/ Spoon (I think the purple color may be discontinued now.) The blue one is a plastic divided 1-tier bento box, but the Sassy On-the-Go feeding set is the same size and color and is divided like that, but comes with 3 smaller water-tight containers that fit inside, which add versatility. Plus they’re less expensive and easier to find (Amazon, Target, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, etc…)

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