About MOMables

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What is MOMables™?
MOMables helps parents make fresh school lunches their kids will love.

MOMables = ˈmɑm·á·[bles]. Mom made, simple and nutritious. We’ve worked with dozens of moms, a chef and a nutritionist to create healthy lunches kids will actually eat.

Every parent I know, wants to pack a wholesome school lunch for their kids, but packing them daily, and oftentimes year-round, can be time consuming and boring. As a mom of 3 kids myself, I know this process very well.  I personally pack over 540 lunches in one school calendar year. Without a plan, I run out of ideas fast. 

Why should you use MOMables menus?

With our plan you can save a lot of prep time, no longer worry about getting a variety of foods in your chid’s diet and save money on unhealthy meals and wasted food.

For example, we’ve found that by using our MOMables menus and making lunches fresh at home, parents can save between $1-2 per day per child by eliminating pre-packaged lunches. Most importantly, 100% of parents in our test groups felt better about their child’s nutrition and impact on their health.

Can anyone make the lunches?

You don’t need especial skills, gadgets or expensive ingredients to make our lunches. You download your menus weekly from our members only access site, shop and follow our simple plan of recipes and pictures.

Next time you stare at the refrigerator and wonder what to feed your child for lunch, remember that MOMables can help you make a wholesome and fresh lunch while saving you time and money. 

From my kitchen to yours,
Laura Fuentes
Chief MOM & Mom of 3