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MOMables Meal Idea Examples Grain Free and Classic

Can you imagine adding a variety of foods to your lunches and family meals without spending an eternity in the kitchen? 

Laura Fuentes founder of MOMables.comHi, I’m Laura.

I’m a mom to 3 kids and I’m a recovering short-order cook.

A few years ago, I realized that my family needed to eat a variety of foods and that the same meals in our rotation did not provide the nutrition we needed.

As a full-time working mom, I didn’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen but I wanted to make school lunches and meals with real food ingredients.

I was tired of fighting with my picky eaters, limited by food allergies and intolerances, and disappointed with the all-or-nothing mentality most experts I hired suggested. One day, I set out to create a system that I could implement and stick with long term.  I ditched prepared foods and expensive take-out and I began creating recipes that gradually introduced new foods with kid approved combinations.

Before MOMables, I often packed the same sandwich for lunch and cooked the same family meals every week.

sending kids healthy school lunches is possible! easy recipes with pictures will help you add variety and find new ways to give kids fruits and veggies.

My kids love Taco Tuesdays and Breakfast Night at home. They shouldn’t have to give them up all together! Now, I make our family favorites using real ingredients and I add a few recipes per week to add variety to the lunchbox and family meals.

Filled with kitchen and prep-ahead tips, our plan will save time in the kitchen and money on wasted ingredients by putting leftovers to use in new ways.  With new ideas each week, your family will be eating lots of fresh and real foods.

momables' meal plans are filled with kitchen tips and prep-ahead tips to simplify school lunches and meal making

Today, thousands of families are adding variety to their school lunches and family meals with easy to follow recipes, prep-ahead tips, and a shopping list. There is no doubt in my mind that everyone can benefit from a little help in the kitchen.

Unlike other meal plans, MOMables encourages the flexibility we need to make real food happen in the midst of our busy family life.

Teaching our kids how to taste new foods can have a profound impact on their future eating habits and health.

I’ve learned a lot of things -both big and small- in the last few years, and the meal plans, member exclusive content, and bonuses is my way of sharing it all with you.

What’s inside the meal plans? Whether you choose the Classic or Grain Free plan, each week you’ll receive:

What's inside the MOMables Meal Plans? Weekly healthy school lunch ideas delivered to your inbox. Grain Free / gluten free/ dairy free and Classic meals.


My hope is that you’ll take advantage of the practical tips and easy recipes as soon as you become a member. Of course, you can implement things slowly by adding just one new recipe per week. And I’ll show you exactly how it’s done on the other side. Step by step.

Ultimately, your family will be excited to taste new foods, you’ll be more prepared to pack lunches, and feel good about your family’s nutrition.

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Our membership comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and you can cancel at any time. And if you have any questions or concerns, tech support is just a click away.

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MOMables offers two meal plans. The Classic is the easiest to adapt if you have multiple diets within a household. It can easily be adapted gluten-free by purchasing gluten-free items. The Grain Free plan is for families who eat naturally gluten free, primal, and avoid grains.

momables grain free and regular plan features and ingredients list


Classic Plan
Grain Free Plan

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