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July 15th, 2018

My favorite fried "rice" recipe is the first thing I want to share with you this week. Full of flavor, same texture as the fried rice your family already loves, and full of veggies! -Also, super easy to customize.

The internet trolls are already coming out messaging me about how much "fat" is in the coconut-milk based whip ice cream below. Fat isn't bad for you, especially from coconut milk. The recipe has no added sugar and is practically coconut milk + pineapple. So, at the end of the day, It's much better for you than any ice cream sold at the store. Yup. 2 real-food ingredients. 

This year, I'm starting early sharing lots of lunch packing tips each week. Make sure to save the posts by pinning them to your favorite boards and come back later when you need it. 

Have a friend that's nervous about packing lunches for the first time? Share this post or the blog post below on packing pre-school lunches. 

Of course, you guys know know much I love to simplify things and shopping for clothes is no different. This year, my kids' BTS shopping was done in about 5 minutes, since I let Stitch Fix Kids' personal stylist select the looks that match their personality best at the prices I want to pay.

Check out this falls' latest looks below. 

OH! And yes, I'm still without a kitchen (check out my IG Kitchen Reno story here) My cooktop is held up by two pieces of granite, my sink is supported by a big H. Depot bucket, and I have plywood countertops. Just a couple more weeks to go until my kitchen is done! Minus my appliances, those are still my original 12yo appliances. This girl has to save up to upgrade those.


Recipe Videos & Entertainment

Veggies in every bite

Tastes and feels like fried rice without the carbs and loads of veggies! PRINT OR PIN THE RECIPE HERE.

More Good Stuff
copycat pineapple dole whip paleo ice cream


Creamy and delicious (and dairy-free!) this nice-cream is better-for-you than my kids' favorite Disney treat! GRAB THE RECIPE OR PIN IT HERE.

Lunch Ideas for Picky Eaters back to school


Packing lunches for the first time this fall? Check out these lunch ideas that can be made ahead of time -there's one for every type of picky eater. GRAB THE IDEAS OR PIN THEM HERE.

Stitch Fix Kids getting your kids ready for back to school


Check out how I updated my kids' closets with the help of StitchFix Kids! GET A PERSONAL STYLIST FOR YOUR KIDS AT PRICES YOU SET HERE.

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July 8th 2018

When taco night is so good that it deserves an encore, I often reinvent its leftovers into the most epic taco pizza! No matter the taco, if it can go on a taco it can go on a pizza.

Making easy recipes continues this week because my kitchen (at home) is still not finished. We're going on month two of having most things in the playroom and even though it's right next to the kitchen, when you have to walk twelve feet to get a spatula, then a mixing bowl, and then another... or worse, empty the dishwasher load... you want simple.

The grandparents whipped up a batch of Strawberries and Cream Stuffed French Toast for brunch and the kids loved them! I can see you stuffing them with blueberries, pb&j, peaches... the possibilities are endless!

And then there are the "on toast" ideas video (#2 is my favorite) and 5 wraps for lunch. Growing up in Spain I'd eat everything on a thin crisp cracker -from breakfast to tapas for snack, it was -and still is- one of my favorite ways to snack. 

Later on, I discovered how easy it is to wrap food inside a tortilla and call it a meal; and to date, this continues to be one of my husband's favorite things to eat. I also found that wraps are a great thing to feed hungry teenagers and I hope you find the ideas below helpful.


Recipe Videos & Entertainment


Putting two EPIC things together for a Friday night in! PRINT OR PIN THE RECIPE HERE.

crunchy goodness

Endless "on Wasa" combinations with all the crunch you crave at snack time.  GRAB THE RECIPE HERE and get a coupon to try them out here.

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Healthy and easy school lunch wraps!

5 healthy wraps

Wraps are like burritos that can be eaten cold! GRAB THE RECIPES OR PIN THEM HERE.

Strawberry french toast rollups for breakfast!

hand held breakfast

Strawberries and Cream Stuffed French Toast?? Yes, please! GRAB THE RECIPE OR PIN IT HERE.

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Healthy and easy school lunch wraps!

5 Healthy Wraps for School Lunch

Are you stuck in a sandwich-packing rut? No worries! These 5 healthy wraps for school lunch are made with fresh foods that easily come together.

Healthy and easy school lunch wraps!

It happens to us all when packing school and office lunches day after day. Maybe it happens the night before when you start thinking about having to pack food to go.

You reach a point where you look at that loaf of bread and hear in your head “yup, another sandwich.” Or maybe, they come home squished and half-eaten.

Tortillas to the rescue! Making a wrap is the easiest, not to mention, yummy way to cure that burnout. It’s also a great way to pack a variety of protein, veggies, and healthy fats into one, delicious, hand-held lunch.

Plus, who doesn’t love all those yummy lunch ingredients rolled in a tortilla? Exactly. Hand-held lunches are always a winner.

Can you make a wrap grain-free?
Yes! If you need a grain free wrap, check out these coconut flour wraps. I love using them as a gluten-free option and they hold up very well in a lunchbox.

If you need a gluten-free wrap option, many stores sell gluten-free tortillas. So essentially, you can make any of these ideas gluten-free.

So back to what you came here for. These 5 healthy wraps for school lunch that are also grown-up friendly. That means, that you can eat these too! Better yet, they are the perfect wrap for teenagers because they aren’t “kiddy” they’re just delicious.

Chicken Salad Wraps 
I love making a big batch of this chicken salad and using some to make sandwiches and the rest to make these healthy wraps!

Healthy and easy school lunch wraps!

Peanut Butter Apple Wraps
Doesn’t get any more simple than this! I love making these since peanut butter and apples are always in my fridge and pantry, plus it’s one of my favorite combos! If you or your children can’t have peanut butter replace it with any of your favorite no-nut butter spreads like sunflower seed butter.

Hard Boiled Egg Wraps
These healthy wraps are an inexpensive way to get a good source of protein and healthy fats, from the egg! This wrap is made with chopped eggs, turkey, lettuce, and tomato! So simple and of course, you could omit the turkey since these are hearty enough with the hard-boiled eggs.

Healthy and easy school lunch wraps!

Avocado, Bacon, and Cheese Pinwheels
It’s one of our most popular pinwheels recipes, I mean, after all, it is made with bacon!

Healthy and easy school lunch wraps!

Hummus Veggie Wraps
It’s the ultimate vegetarian wrap! Spread the tortilla with hummus and top with all your favorite veggies add a little cheese and voila! I love using hummus as a spread for wraps, it adds a ton of flavor and keeps them from drying out if you pack them the night before like I do.

Healthy and easy school lunch wraps!

If you want to make your wraps ahead of time, simply wrap them in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight! It’s that simple!

Each of these wraps and other healthy lunch recipes are included in our classic lunch plan! Avoiding meal time burn out is the ongoing source of inspiration behind MOMables family meal plans, we make sure to keep meal time and the recipes you use fun, simple, and of course, AMAZING!

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m getting hungry so let’s wrap this up and go make lunch! ;)

MOMables Newsletter

July 1st 2018

You could say it's quite HOT outside. With humidity, it feels like 104F/40C.

And then, an hour ago, I had the clever idea to give the dog a "bath" outside with the hose. "I'll cool us off and get him clean. That's 2 for 1." I thought.

But it didn't work out that way. Because did you know that when it's that hot outside the water comes out hot our of the hose? My dog didn't think it was that fun either.

And then, it was time to prep dinner and the power went OUT. So making the nachos below was out of the question -we ate them for lunch yesterday and they were incredible -I just wanted an encore.

So, I had the bright idea to make Pastalaya, or the Jambalaya pasta you see below. There are "things" in it my picky eaters don't like, but I make it, tell them that if they don't like something they can pick it out, and I moved on. 

At this point, I was highly caffeinated -not that awesome when it's 6pm and you want to hit the bed before 10 -but alas, coffee makes me happy. Heat, does not. 

Iced coffee when it's hot outside feels like you won the lottery, btw. 

So I have a clean dog, lots of caffeine in my system (check out my Instagram stories) and I just want to "do something" with this new energy since the power is back and our house is cooling off, slowly.

So I just put the kids to bed and I'm sitting down on the sofa to share some awesome eats for this week with you, and I think I should read a book instead. A BOOK!

I'm ashamed to admit that I've been to busy to read an actual book since March. That's more than 3 months! But that's a story for another day. 

x -Laura

Recipe Videos & Entertainment


This is not your nacho-average meal... but YUMM! PRINT OR PIN THE RECIPE HERE.

Easy breezy summer meal

This Jambalaya Pasta Salad is super easy to make and full of New Orleans flavor!  GRAB THE RECIPE HERE.

More Good Stuff
Healthy summer oatmeal


When your bowl of oatmeal suffers from heat stroke, you make this for breakfast! GRAB THE RECIPE OR PIN IT HERE.

Easy to put together snacking trays!

no fuss dinner

Hummus + fruits +veggies + crackers + deli items = a winning dinner. Because eating with your hands is always more fun -especially during the hot summer months. Also great as an appetizer. GRAB THE RECIPE OR PIN IT HERE.

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