Avoid #pinkslime in school lunches: make your own

It’s time. You know you’ve been slacking on school lunches when you’ve been making the same PB&J sandwich or turkey and cheese week after week or grabbing convenience foods that claim to be nutritious.

Now, you are weary about school lunches considering the recent whistle-blowing within the meat industry and the use of pink slime in school cafeterias.  What are you supposed to do? Subscribe to our menus for less than $6 per month.

Download a sample week meal plan for free.  We know you’ll love the simplicity of our menus, the varied lunches and how quick they are to prepare.  The best part: your kids will actually eat their lunch.  No more wasted food, money, and feeding your kids junk that claims to be nutritious.

For less than $6 per month, this is what you get week after week:

  • 5 Lunch menus: a variety of fresh lunches your kids will enjoy. 
  • Kitchen notes: prep ahead tips that will save you time and money on wasted food.
  • Shopping list: so no ingredient is left behind.

The best part? Every lunch includes a picture and we combine ingredients so you can save money at the grocery.

Don’t wait.  Download your free menu here.

Happy Lunch Making!


*Side note: we are not suggesting that the packaged lunches to the left of the top image contain pink slime.  We are suggesting a healthier alternative to packaged homemade lunches.

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