Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burritos

Are you lost on how to put leftovers to use because they don’t seem to be “enough” for an entire meal? I know I was.

black bean and sweet potato burritos school lunch ideas MOMables.comYou see, It was just a a couple of years ago that I decided to “get with the program” and made it a priority to feed my family quality, nutritional food. Furthermore, it was only last year that I admitted to myself that I needed help in the lunch packing department

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There seems to be lots of dinner recipes out on the web… when it came to lunch packing and tips on how to reuse dinner for lunch… I was lost until I found MOMables.

I began trying new recipes into our meal rotation and pretty soon I began to feel comfortable with my skills in the kitchen. Although I was happy that we ate better and a wider variety of foods; I still felt like I could improve because I was throwing away a lot of food each week.

For example: I’d buy a bag of potatoes at the grocery store for one soup recipe and then a week later my potatoes were going bad! Add another week to that … and they would go straight into the trash. What a waste!

I thought to myself, I have taken major steps in the right direction with cooking, but now I need to find ways to be less wasteful. What if in addition to the 3 potatoes I boiled for my vegetable soup, I added 3 more and made mashed potatoes the next night? I started doing that and found that I was able to utilize one ingredient in 2-3 recipes. Not only did this cut down on waste, it saved me time and money.

Now, my oldest is in kindergarten and I need to pack his lunch daily.  It only makes sense to apply these same principles of “re-purposing” food for his lunches, right? Right.

A great perk to re-purposing food for lunches is you don’t need a whole lot of leftovers to make it worth keeping. Those leftovers that you would normally pitch, because it just didn’t seem like enough to justify keeping, could be just the right amount for a kiddos lunch.

I’ll give you an example. Let’s say one night you make a grilled pork loin with seared plums, and a baked sweet potato for your side. Use your leftover sweet potatoes to make black bean and sweet potato burritos. Or, you could make our sweet potato hummus and send it with pitas for lunch!

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