Easy Pumpkin Chili Recipe

easy pumpkin chili recipe - a classic fall favorite

Looking for an easy pumpkin chili recipe? Look no further. This recipe is easy to make and is a filling meal with a hint of our favorite fall flavor.  Oh Chili. How I love a nice big bowl of your hearty flavors… and to think you just got better by adding some of my favorite […]

Witches Brew Recipe for Kids – a Lunchbox treat!

These witches brew cups are the perfect halloween lunchbox treat! Healthy, fresh and SUPER EASY to make! via MOMables.com

This witches brew recipe for kids is a sure way to brighten up your child’s lunchbox this halloween.  Now that you’ve lot lots of school lunch ideas to fill the lunchbox; it’s time to find healthy treats to add to it. Right?

Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie Recipe

easy oatmeal breakfast cookie recipe that can be made ahead of time and frozen

Need and easy breakfast idea your kids will love? You are going to love this oatmeal breakfast cookie recipe. They are simple to make and you can easily double the batch and freeze them! Now, that’s ultimate convenience right there! Don’t they look amazing? I mean, what’s not to love about oats, peanut butter honey… yum. […]

Sweet Potato Hummus Recipe

Sweet Potato Hummus

This sweet potato hummus recipe puts leftover sweet potatoes from dinner to good use!  My daughter will a eat lot more raw vegetables when dipped in something.  I can go crazy trying to make her eat veggies at dinner time… but if  she can use them to “dip” she devours them.  She also doesn’t like potatoes […]