Easy Crockpot Cheesy Potato Soup

A delicious cheese soup

In many parts of the country, spring time is full of rain and fluctuating weather. One day it’s 70 degrees, the next it can be in the 40’s. On those cool, rainy days there’s nothing we love more at our house than a bowl of soup. Especially when I can cook it in my beloved […]

EasyLunchBoxes Review and Giveaway! -closed

MOMables Menu: Grilled Frenchman

I was so pleased when asked to write the review for EasyLunchBoxes. If you’re a lunch packer, MOMables subscriber, or frequently find yourself eating in the car between school, little league, and cub scouts then these boxes are definitely for you! I’ve spent the last four+ years packing lunches for my daughter on a daily basis. […]

Lunchbox Wars: The Cracker Lunches


Get access to a FREE week of menus Are your kids drawn to those brightly packaged boxed lunches inconveniently displayed right at kid’s eye level in the refrigerator section of the supermarket? Mine are. They know the answer is going to be no, but they sometimes ask anyways: “Can we get one of those mom?” Imagine […]

Sunflower Nutella – Nut-free Recipe

sunflower nutella

Growing up in Spain I sometimes had Nutella sandwiches.  Ok, maybe not the healthiest of snacks but my grandmother served it as a treat.  Sometime in the 90s, she bought her first food processor; and she experimented like no one else to re-create a nut free version for my cousin.  After a while, sunflower chocolate […]

Breakfast Muffins from Zero Waste Lunches


Have you ever wondered what you could do with little left over scraps from making your kid’s sandwiches into shapes?  Whether you use a simple de-cruster, dinosaur shape cutter or get really creative with your bento making, Crissi has some great suggestions on how to utilize those little “scraps.” I usually pack bento-style lunches for […]