Breakfast Muffins from Zero Waste Lunches


Have you ever wondered what you could do with little left over scraps from making your kid’s sandwiches into shapes?  Whether you use a simple de-cruster, dinosaur shape cutter or get really creative with your bento making, Crissi has some great suggestions on how to utilize those little “scraps.” I usually pack bento-style lunches for […]

Lunch Box Quinoa Salad


Get access to a FREE week of menus Want to make your kids feel special? Send them a little note. I love sending notes in my boy’s packed lunches. It’s just a little something special to let them know that I’m thinking of them while they are off at school. Sometimes I send interesting trivia facts […]

Special Delivery: Healthy Snacks at you Doorstep

nature lunch

Have you heard about NatureBox? NatureBox is a subscription service that allows you to test out different, healthy snacks on a monthly basis. Each month, there is a new box, full of goodies sent to your door. Does it get much better than that?! The people over at NatureBox use only the best when creating these delicious snacks…..No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No […]

French Kids Eat Everything, do yours?


Get access to a FREE week of school lunch menus Have you ever wondered how other people’s kids seem to eat a more varied diet than yours?  And at dinnertime, is it a constant struggle to get your kids to try anything new?  You are not alone.  I’ve gone through periods where I became a […]

Homemade Thin Mint Cookies

homemade thin mints

Get access to a FREE week of menus Do you sometimes crave something thin, chocolatey and crunchy? Look no further. These homemade thin mints are easy to make with just a few ingredients. When I mention chocolate and mint, what comes to mind?  Thin Mint Cookies, maybe? Those incredibly addictive treats that come in the […]