Lunchbox Wars: Sub Sandwich

MOMablesSub Sandwich

Get access to a FREE week of menus This is a MOMables™ version of a packaged convenience lunch that kids get to “assemble” themselves.  Our version: fresh whole wheat roll, nitrate free turkey, real cheddar cheese, fresh apple slices, a juicy plum and a pickle.  What’s a fresh sandwich without a pickle? We know making […]

Easy Crockpot Meatball Subs

easy crockpot meatball sub

Get access to a FREE week of menus If the thought of making homemade meatballs is a daunting one, keep on reading. This recipe does not require baking, transferring, dumping, or frying your meatballs.  It’s a stress-free and busy-mom dream recipe! During the summer, life doesn’t slow down. In fact, it seems to only get […]

Fresh Fruit and Lemonade Popsicles

fresh fruit and lemonade popsicles

What do you get when you combine fresh fruit and lemonade? These awesome popsicles of course!  By looking at the calendar it is officially summer, but if go by the temperature gauge it has already felt like summer for a few weeks.  We’ve been cooling off by spending hours in the swimming pool, having water […]

Leftovers No More! From Taco Night to Nachos Supreme


Get access to a FREE week of menus Don’t know what to do with that one serving of left over taco meat? Don’t toss it! Repurpose it.  The MOMables™ way. Last night was Taco Tuesday at our house. Could anything be better than Taco Tuesday? YES! The lunch I made using the leftovers was even […]

Homemade Oreos Recipe

Homemade Oreo Cookies 2

These are unbelievable good. Ok, not “healthy” but they are a treat and a homemade version of the boxed originals. We are going for a “remake” here. These cookies make me and my family happy down to the last bite. Just like indulgences of all kind, the store bought variety comes with a long and loaded […]