how to pack school lunches when you have picky eaters

How to Pack School Lunches When You Have Picky Eaters

Do you struggle making school lunches for your picky eaters? Before I started MOMables (August 2011), I packed the same three or four lunches for my kids EVERY WEEK. Making their three “safe” school lunches was a lot easier than trying new things (for me, anyway). If you asked me (then) what does your daughter eat? my answer

Lunchbox parfaits and yogurt packing tips via

How to Pack Yogurt in a Lunch Box and Parfait Recipe

Do  you need tips on how to pack yogurt in the lunch box? My son, who is a very (I mean VERY) picky eater, loves yogurt. Alex is 5 and will be entering kindergarten this year. He’s on the small side (like in the 15th percentile for weight), and the pediatrician often reminds me to feed him

Healthy Lunch(able) Chicken Soft Tacos

Are your kids asking for those fancy boxed lunches every time you go to the grocery? You are not alone. Let MOMables help you make healthier versions and so many more! A certain popular boxed lunch company has created a line of “cooler” lunches for the bigger kids with bigger appetites. But instead of filling out

Chocolate-Covered Banana Bites

Make these easy yummy chocolate-covered banana pops to snack on! Banana Dippers. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. Banana slices covered in dark chocolate packaged in individual packs and sold in the freezer aisle. And while the idea is genius, why am I going to pay for something I can so easily make? All you

Veggie Mac and Cheese

Are you looking for more kid-friendly veggie recipes? This Veggie Macaroni and Cheese recipe is a winner! I love thermos lunches. In the fall, winter, and early spring, I try to have a thermos lunch once a week in our school lunch menus. A good thermos school lunch tells my kids that mom wanted them