Cabbage Cups

Do you ever try to send lettuce wraps to school, but they just fall apart?

cabbage cups

Everyone knows that lettuce wraps are a lunch box rage. They’re a delicious, non-sandwich idea that is naturally gluten- and grain-free. They can also get—boring. And even though you buy that crisp romaine, it can rip easily and make a mess of your lunch.

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Let’s talk boring lunches for a second. Do you ever find your kids saying that they are tired of the same ham and cheese sandwich over and over, or do you simply feel a bit guilty about sending the same thing over and over?

Trust me when I say, you’re not alone. This very thing has happened to me and eventually inspired the beginning of MOMables, so sign up for our newsletter or sign up for our amazing weekly meal plans and take heart knowing that you are doing everything you need to keep your kid’s bellies happy!

That’s why cabbage cups are a great option, too. They’re full of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Use green, if you prefer, or try the red variety for a fun pop of color in your lunch!

Fill it with your favorite sandwich fillings, chicken salad from our MOMables Menu Plans, or even a delicious spicy beef, or perhaps leftovers from the night before.

There’s nothing to it! Just clean some cabbage leaves, pat dry, fill, and enjoy.



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