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healthy lunchboxes by filled with a fresh sandwich, veggies, fruit, some bunnies.

Fresh and Healthy School Lunches are “IN”

Making a healthy lunch that’s exciting for kids to eat every day can be a challenge. I often get emails from parents letting me know that their kids think veggies are not that fun to eat, that they are tired of making the same foods all the time, and they need a little inspiration! This back

MightyFix: Lunch Supplies Delivered to Your Door

I’m sure you can imagine how much of a fan of school lunch supplies I must be. In the last four years, I’ve collected many fabulous reusable items that help me pack fresh and healthy lunches daily. And yet, every time a box lands on my doorstep containing something useful, I’m thrilled. Every time.  Using re-usable lunch containers,

5 Reasons to Switch to Glass Storage Containers

I’m partnering with Mighty Nest today and giving away $150 in storage containers plus $100 towards a winners’ school! Read on to find out more.  Are you tired of cracked plastic containers, lids that don’t match, and messy tupperware cabinets? I know I was! I couldn’t take the storage cabinet chaos anymore. Last week I switched to

Review & Giveaway

Mini Dippers: The Solution to Sauces and Dips in the Lunch Box #Giveaway-CLOSED

Dip it, bite it, love it! Those are our thoughts on the EasyLunchboxes Mini Dippers. EasyLunchboxes are known as the pack-it-fast container when it comes to packing fresh school lunches. Prior to the Mini Dippers, you used to have to separate the large compartment by using silicone muffin cups, and dips or sauces had to