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edamame fried rice

Edamame Fried Rice

Have you ever felt like you had a bowl of edamame and just couldn’t get enough? Related: Top 5 Lunchboxes We’ve Tested Fun Fact: Edamame is a green vegetable commonly known as the soybean. It’s rich in carbs, protein, vitamin K, and fiber, which makes it a great addition to the lunch box. Traditional fried rice

cabbage cups

Cabbage Cups

Do you ever try to send lettuce wraps to school, but they just fall apart? Everyone knows that lettuce wraps are a lunch box rage. They’re a delicious, non-sandwich idea that is naturally gluten- and grain-free. They can also get—boring. And even though you buy that crisp romaine, it can rip easily and make a mess of

homemade dorito recipe

Homemade Dorito Recipe

Need a better, healthier alternative to those well known nacho cheese chips? MOMables is notorious for finding the recipes our kids love and adore and giving them a “real food” makeover. For example: Homemade S’mores Poptarts Homemade Wheat Thins Homemade Pasta Helper Stroganoff Homemade Marshmallow Fluff Homemade Oreos Brown Rice Krispy Treats Sunflower Nutella Homemade

crockpot sandwich bread

Crockpot Sandwich Bread Recipe

We all know that a good crockpot can save you some serious time in the kitchen, especially on really busy days. But did you know that you can also use your crockpot to make homemade sandwich bread? MOMables has tons of amazing lunch ideas that are just too good too pass up! Join us! When

How to Freeze Muffins

How to Freeze Muffins

Can you freeze baked muffins? Good question. I love to have a warm muffin with my morning coffee. Since I am not a morning person, I can assure you that there is no morning baking happening in my house. What I do in the mornings is take a muffin out of my freezer stockpile and heat