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Looking for fresh ideas for your picky eater? Here are 10 great ideas they will love.

10 Healthy Meals Picky Eaters Will Eat

When it comes to feeding our picky eaters, it can be tough to find recipes that provide nutrition while pleasing the pickiest of palates. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of 10 healthy meals picky eaters will eat and have some nutritional value to them.

The top 5 mistakes many parents make at meal time.

5 Mealtime Mistakes Parents of Picky Eaters Make

Any parent who has experienced “the picky eater stage” knows that it can be frustrating. Just yesterday the child declared he loved peaches and today, he decided that they are “yucky.” Or, said child decides that he’ll only eat white foods because green foods, no matter what cool superpowers they might have, they remain, in

Homemade Valentine's Day Treats Kids Will Love - Easy DIY recipes that are perfect for the classroom and at home.

8 Homemade Valentine’s Day Treats Kids Will Love

How do you make Valentine’s Day special for your kids? I know we try to tell our kids how much we love them every day, but there is something a little extra special about this holiday. With these homemade Valentine’s Day treats, you will be sure to make this one sweet holiday they won’t forget.

Valentine’s Day Pretzel Hearts

These pretzel hearts are the perfect treat to send to school this Valentine’s Day and the kids will be very excited to find them inside their lunchbox!

Make healthy eating choices and jumpstart your healthy eating habits with these tips!

How To Jumpstart Your Family’s Healthy Eating Habits

Whether you’ve resolved to get healthier for the New Year, or you just want to start eating healthier overall, you might be wondering how to ditch the junk food and jumpstart those healthy eating habits!