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easy homemade chicken nuggets recipe that kids love. can be made gluten free same texture as the frozen ones!

Healthy Homemade Chicken Nuggets Recipe {video}

Have you been looking for a healthy homemade chicken nuggets recipe that compares to the texture of the frozen ones? If so, you’ve got to check this one out! Over 1  million people already have.  This post has been updated here. It’s safe to say chicken nuggets are a favorite of most North American kids.  They are

homemade cheese crackers

Homemade Cheese Crackers

Need a new homemade snack idea instead of buying those boxed versions all the time? We get a lot of requests for healthier homemade versions of common snacks to put inside lunch boxes! Related: Top 5 Lunchboxes We’ve Tested The fun part is to get your kids involved and let them have mini cutters and

homemade marshmallow fluff

Homemade Marshmallow Fluff

Want that yummy marshmallow fluff with real ingredients? I had a neighbor growing up, Mrs. Donovan, who always had the best junk food in her pantry. Her house was like a food rabbit hole that, once you entered, any normal healthy food rules did not apply. My mom, however, always tried to serve my sister

Lunchbox Wars: Sub Sandwich

Get access to a FREE week of menus This is a MOMables™ version of a packaged convenience lunch that kids get to “assemble” themselves.  Our version: fresh whole wheat roll, nitrate free turkey, real cheddar cheese, fresh apple slices, a juicy plum and a pickle.  What’s a fresh sandwich without a pickle? We know making

Homemade Oreos Recipe

Who doesn’t love oreos? These are unbelievably good. Okay, not “healthy,” but they are a treat and a homemade version of the boxed originals. We are going for a remake here. These cookies make me and my family happy down to the last bite. Just like indulgences of all kinds, the store-bought variety comes with a