Cream of Soup Substitute

Need a recipe for a cream of soup substitute? Try our homemade version and ditch the can!

Creme of SubstituteThere are so many soups and other recipes that call for a can of cream-of-something, but when you look at the nutrition facts and the ingredients list, it’s enough to make you want to turn the other way.

Even the “healthier” cans have a ridiculous amount of sodium and a list of unidentifiable ingredients!

Surely, there has to be a better way of making your favorite recipes without the canned stuff! A healthier way, made with real ingredients. That is where we come in.

At MOMables, we have figured out how to make a substitute so that you can ditch that can! Laura, the Chief MOM, has been using it for years, and it’s also in our homemade staples guide for our meal plan members.

Cream of soup substitute recipe via @MOMables

Each week, members download a complete lunch menu. In addition, Laura shares the things she’s been cooking up for dinner and snacks for her family. The homemade resource guide is also priceless; you can totally ditch the processed items in your entire diet!

The absolute best thing about this substitute is that you can make it with items you most likely already have in your fridge! Milk and cream cheese? Is it really that simple? The answer is YES.

And you can make any of the variations you need using our substitute recipe. If you need cream of broccoli, you add real broccoli. If you need cream of mushroom, you add real mushrooms. No modified foods here. Only Real Food. You can also add your own seasonings that you prefer, and can omit the astronomical amount of sodium that the cans have.

Cream of soup substitute recipe via @MOMables

I’ll be honest. Sometimes I’ve avoided a recipe that I wanted to try just because I didn’t want to buy the cream of soup can. Now I don’t need to avoid those recipes at all! Are you ready to ditch the can?

Cream of Soup Substitute
  • 1 cup milk
  • 4 ounces light cream cheese
  1. Mix the milk and cream cheese well before putting it into a casserole. If you're adding it to a slow cooker, add it in during the final 30 minutes of cooking time.
Substitute one cream-of can for our homemade recipe.
For slow cooker meals: Add softened cream cheese and milk in the final 30 minutes and mix well.
For casseroles: Mix and bake as you would with canned soup.
For cream of chicken: Add 1 teaspoon of chicken bouillon paste.


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  1. Jessica Clark says

    Hey! I am planning on cooking a pot roast in the crock pot and using cream of mushroom soup. Since cooking it in the soup is what makes the broth, what would be the best way to use this recipe? I don’t think adding it in the final 30 minutes will have the same effect.

    • says

      this will work if the recipe calls for broth as well. otherwise, i don’t recommend using this from the beginning of you cooking the roast. I have roasted a pork roast with about 1 cup of broth and then added this “cream of” at the end. it worked for me.

  2. says

    Hello-what a great idea. I have a question, I buy the Golden Mushroom Soup to add when I am cooking a pot roast, I am not sure how the cream cheese would work as the color is more golden, perhaps add beef stock to it, and a few mushrooms chopped up? Just wanted to know if you have already come up with a substitute for it. thank you in advance.

    • says

      Joann, the substitute you see is for the basic “cream of” base, then you need to add flavor. I would add some beef stock seasoning or vegetable (I like better than bruillon brand paste).

  3. says

    Hi ladies, sounds lovely, but an even simpler way would be to add 250ml fresh cream and that’s it! If you need to thin it, add a bit of milk, but cream gives it a delicious, thick consistency. If you need mushrooms, put in about a cup, same for the chicken, broccoli, etc. Happy cooking!

  4. AMy says

    So for Cream of Mushroom, for example, how much mushrooms would you add…and would you just chop them, puree them…what do you recommend?

    Thank YOU!

  5. Stephanie O says

    If you are doing a crock pot meal and it is only chicken and cream of chicken soup would you only cook the chicken alone the whole time minus the last 30 mins?

  6. Pollie says

    Is it possible to keep cream cheese in the freezer, or this mixed with milk and frozen to be taken out whenever? That way when the mood hits, I don’t have to buy cream cheese!

    • says

      Yes and NO You can freeze it directly in the original package. I will change the consistency once frozen however if are using it in cooking or heated then just use a spoon to smooth the texture back and then it is no problem to use even in the normal form. You can also microwave it to smooth as well and it goes back to it’s (almost) normal consistency. As it cools, it will not be as creamy as if unfrozen so I find it best to use for cooking or not in its original form for best results. But, for “cream ofs” I freeze it all of the time! :) — so yes for “cream-ofs” and no so much for spreading on bagels.

      • Pollie says

        Thanks! That helps, because I don’t keep cream cheese on hand unless I’m making cheesecakes. Bagels everyday would be the death of me!! LOL! I love cream of soups and wil certainly start to freeze creamcheese for this purpose! WHat a great way to use up roast chicken juices… cream of chicken soup!

  7. Kiki says

    For the cream of mushroom and chicken. What are the measurements for the added mushroom and chicken? Do you have an approximate amount? Thank you for this recipe.

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