Leftovers No More! From Taco Night to Nachos Supreme

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Don’t know what to do with that one serving of left over taco meat? Don’t toss it! Repurpose it.  The MOMables™ way.

Last night was Taco Tuesday at our house. Could anything be better than Taco Tuesday? YES! The lunch I made using the leftovers was even better.

My girls are always excited about the lunch the day after tacos. Instead of sealing up all those tiny bits of leftovers and putting it back away, only to get pushed to the back of the fridge to get moldy….make a lunch for the next day!

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Leftover taco fixings? No problem! For these Leftovers No More! Lunch, I made nachos supreme.

In the lunch you will find:

  • That last bit of taco meat.
  • Topped with the leftover tomatoes & black olives.
  • On another compartment is a mix of the leftover shredded lettuce and cheese.
  • In the large compartment are some tortilla chips and grapes.

Voila! A fun & yummy lunch. My husband was actually the one who snagged this lunch for work today. He sent me an email later in the day saying how awesome lunch was! (I put the meat in a silicone muffin cup so if could be removed and reheated if you wanted)

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