How 1 piece of leftover pizza becomes an amazing lunch

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How 1 piece of leftover pizza becomes an amazing lunch - MOMables.comTired of packing that one lonely slice of pizza in the lunchbox the same way every week?

If you check out our AMAZING Grilled Pizza recipe we posted last week, you’ll want to make extra and make sure you have some left over to make a lunch like this one.

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The recipe is very easy to make and reminded me how much I LOVE grilling pizza.

With the three pieces left, I decided to make  pizza skewers for lunch -called “swords” in our  MOMables menus.

I had leftover olives and pepperoni from the pizza making session, so I simply layered a small piece of pizza, pepperoni and green olives on a food pick.

After adding a side of snap peas, and fruit salad…..I have a Dinner Transformed!


Our grilled pizzas



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