DIY Frozen Uncrustables

Make the popular freezer isle sandwich at home with your favorite whole-grain bread and nut butter. This is also fantastic when your child attends a nut-free school by making it with a nut-free butter alternative. 

DIY Frozen UncrustablesLet’s make a popular not-so-healthy kid favorite healthy, shall we?

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Uncrustables are always on my kid’s shopping list. I’ve heard ” MOM… can we get these, pleeeeeeaaaase?”  too many times to count.

What if I told you could make a week’s worth of these lunchtime  favorites in no time at all?

The best part is you can use you kiddo’s favorite PB & J or if needed, allergy friendly peanut butter.

Here’s how you do it:

I’ll be showing you how to make these DIY Frozen Uncrustables with a sandwich sealer, or a large glass with a THICK edge. The sandwich sealer I used can be purchased almost anywhere. I have also seen similar sandwich sealers at our local grocery store.

How to make an Uncrustable

How to make DIY Frozen Uncrustables

DIY Uncrustables

1. Start buy placing your favorite peanut butter and jelly filling in the middle of one piece of bread. Make sure to leave some room on the outer edges, where the sandwich will seal.

2. Place the second piece of bread on top, and use sandwich sealer or glass to seal sandwich, by pressing and holding firmly for 30 seconds.

3. Make sure to remove crusts while the sandwich is still in the press or glass.






Freeze Uncrustables4. Flash freeze sandwiches in the freezer for about 2 hours.





Place DIY Uncrustables in bags5. After the 2 hours, you can now place sandwiches in individual sandwich bags or all in one big freezer bag for storage. Homemade Uncrustables can be frozen for up to a month.

When you are ready to use, simply pack in your child’s lunch box frozen, and it will thaw in-time for lunch, or microwave for 15-20 seconds if you need to serve them immediately.

Feel bad about tossing all those crusts? Hang on to those crusts and try out our Frugal French Toast Sticks recipe! Click  HERE for the recipe.


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