Easy Spaghetti Cupcakes

Need a new way to impress your picky eater? Try these Spaghetti “cupcakes”! Even your picky eaters will be impressed!

Spaghetti Cupcakes Presentation, presentation, presentation. MOMables realizes presentation is everything for a picky eater, which is why we tell you how to pack our lunches to make them look appetizing.

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I tell my daughter that we are having spaghetti for dinner, and she makes a face. However, if I tell her we are having spaghetti cupcakes, she is all excited for dinner and can’t wait! Maybe there’s something about having spaghetti just plain on a plate or in a bowl.

Everything seems to mush together, which my daughter doesn’t always like. Put the exact same ingredients in a reusable silicone cup, call them cupcakes, and all of a sudden dinner looks a whole lot better!

Not only do spaghetti cupcakes make dinner fun, you can also allow your kids to choose their own toppings. By having separate bowls filled with favorite spaghetti toppings, your kids can easily “decorate” their own cupcakes.

For example, you could have separate bowls of pasta, marinara sauce, meatballs, vegetables, and parmesan cheese. If any of your kids do not like spaghetti, you can offer two types of pasta. I had spaghetti and corkscrew pasta in our cupcakes.

These cupcakes can also help your kids get more involved in the meal planning. My daughter chose which vegetables from the freezer she wanted to add to the spaghetti cupcakes. Having her involved only made her more interested in actually eating the meal afterward, which always makes me a happy mom.

I used these silicone cups because for one, they are reusable. I use silicone cups all the time, whether to bake muffins, or for yogurt parfaits, or in lunches. I enjoy using silicone cups in lunches to keep food separate and for the added pop of color. You could use any reusable silicone cup, not just the flower ones used above. If you do not have any reusable silicone cups, mini bowls or foil cupcake liners could be used instead.

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