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I was so pleased when asked to write the review for EasyLunchBoxes. If you’re a lunch packer, MOMables subscriber, or frequently find yourself eating in the car between school, little league, and cub scouts, then these boxes are definitely for you!

I’ve spent the past 4+ years packing lunches for my daughter on a daily basis. It’s not an option to do a hot lunch for my peanut- and gluten-free princess, as is the case for many other food-allergy families.

I’ve had my set of EasyLunchBoxes for about 8 months now, and they’re still just as perfect, durable, and wonderful to use as the day I got them!

EasyLunchBoxes are BPA–free, FDA–approved, and made from food-safe polypropylene (#5). These containers are much sturdier and will last quite a bit longer than flimsy plastic reusable/disposable containers will.  PLUS they’re dishwasher- and microwave-safe!

The divided spaces within the container allow you to be creative with your lunch menus, help with portion control, and provide a place to separate wet and dry food items. These containers are not just for kids; I use them for my lunches too!

Packing my daughter’s lunches in plastic baggies would require four to six of them every single day! That’s a lot of plastic waste and money simply thrown away.

EasyLunchBoxes also has their own cooler bags designed to fit the containers so they lay flat and the food doesn’t swish all over the place. For picnics or traveling, you can fit up to three in your lunch bag. We oftentimes will pack two containers and have room for drinks if we go to the park for the afternoon.

The biggest downside is that these containers are not leak-proof. However, a few food bloggers have found a solution to the problem by placing parchment paper between the lid and the tray.

Whether you’re packing lunches, eating in the car on the go, or simply storing leftovers conveniently in the refrigerator, EasyLunchBoxes are a great solution and investment that won’t break the bank!

Therefore, if you want an affordable way to pack your healthy school lunches you are going to make by subscribing to the menu plan, you will love using these containers.


Now for the fun part: Want to win a set of your own? MOMables and EasyLunchBoxes have teamed and want to give a complete set away to one lucky winner!

Contest is now closed. Our winner:

Sarah the Duke.


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