How do I get my plan each week?

Every Thursday a new meal plan will arrive directly to your email inbox. All you have to do is click on the link and the meal plan will open up in a new window. From there, you can save it or print it.

On that note, I haven’t received my meal plan. What’s wrong?

When you purchase your membership, you are automatically added to our meal plan delivery list. However, sometimes your email service provider might send it to the “spam” or “junk” folders.

We suggest you search for your first email in your inbox/spam/junk folders. It will come from subscriptions@momables.com. Your next meal plan will be delivered the following Thursday.

If for some reason the email falls into the internet black hole, please let us know and we will assist you.

Are the lunch recipes repeated often?

No, we don’t repeat the same meals week after week.  We have many favorites that many of our subscribers ask to be reinstated in the weekly menus; so every few months you might see one.  We only repeat a recipe when we need to combine ingredients to save you money at the grocery. Our goal is to offer parents a variety of recipes so meal making is never boring.

How many servings are in each recipe?

Our meal plan offers 3 single serve lunch recipes and 2 family size meal recipes. Our family size recipes will show you the serving size, typically 4-6 servings.

How do I pay for my MOMables subscription?

After your first subscription payment (upon signing up), your account is automatically renewed every 3 months or yearly; depending on the subscription plan you’ve selected.  MOMables will charge your PayPal, credit or debit card automatically unless you cancel BEFORE your upcoming renewal date. For more information, check out our Meal Plan Policies Page.

How do I cancel my membership renewal?

You can email us with any membership support question at help@momables.com. We’ll be happy to cancel your membership for you. If you have a Paypal recurring payment, you can cancel it yourself too, with Paypal’s directions found here. Please follow the “recurring payment” directions.

Do you offer different meals to accommodate food allergies?

We offer two plans. Our Classic plan accommodates for gluten free, nut free, and sometimes vegetarian substitutions when necessary. Our Grain Free Plan accommodates for more. For a comparison chart, click here.

Our recipes are easy to modify to eliminate potential allergic reactions. Of course, we leave the ingredient brand selection to you, so you can further control your meals.


We have a gluten and dairy allergy. I can’t decide between the Classic Plan and Grain Free. 

The Classic Plan is for those who purchase gluten-free items like bread, pasta, wraps, etc. The Grain-Free Plan is for people who avoid all grains. Although, some items can be made into sandwiches with a gluten-free alternative.

The Classic Plan does contain dairy, but it’s nearly always optional or it can be omitted. Sometimes, when the dairy can’t be omitted, you’ll have to pick another recipe (good thing you’ll have lots to choose from!). In the Grain Free Plan, you’ll rarely find dairy.

If you can’t decide which plan will fit your needs best, our suggestion is to start with what you struggle with most and what it’s easiest for you to accommodate. Most people find the Classic Plan the easiest to accommodate when they purchase gluten-free items. Of course, you can always try one plan and do a one-time switch to the other plan if it doesn’t fit your needs.

Do you offer Vegetarian or Vegan Plans?

Short answer: no, not yet. Our Classic Plan, however, offers a vegetarian option in some meals but they are not vegetarian-designed meals. While you won’t find animal products in every meal, you will find them throughout the meal plans. Our Grain-Free Plan does not provide any vegetarian options.

My kid won’t eat one of the meals or one of the ingredients.  What should I do?

Most recipes are very versatile and you can swap out one ingredient for another or simply omit. Alternatively, you can select another meal from a different week or make your go-to lunch item.  Our menus are only suggestions and guides to help you get creative with your meals.  If your child doesn’t eat ham, for example, you can substitute for turkey or chicken.

How do you handle holiday weeks?

Our meal plans are year round. That means, every week you are an active member you’ll receive your meal plan delivered by email. Our family eats 3 meals 365 days of the year, we imagine yours does too.