Gluten Free Mexican Casserole

I wrote before about eliminating dairy because of my toddler daughter’s possible lactose intolerance . We’ve since found out that she, in fact, has celiac disease and can’t tolerate gluten.  What does that mean for us? For starters, the entire family will have to make adjustments to our diet and shopping habits.

I’ll be honest, I’m overwhelmed! It was hard enough to cut dairy out of our diets (as a family) but now, a trip to the grocery store is a lesson in humility. I’m not going to make separate meals for everyone in our family, so now all six of us will eat a gluten free.  That means no (regular) bread, flour tortillas, cake, gravy mixes, fish sticks, crackers, or chicken nuggets.  Most cereals are out, as well as ready to cook meat patties. It seems like almost everything processed has gluten in it!

Thankfully, through the many emails from close family members and friends who have gone gluten free (for various reasons), I think I’m ready to help my family transition into this new lifestyle.

The first step, for me, is to think about the meals I regularly make and determine which ones are naturally gluten free. That way I can continue to make them without worrying about substitutions while I try to get my (gluten free) bearings.

Fresh and frozen plain fruits and vegetables are gluten free, so I’ve been loading up on those for our side dishes. Roasted potatoes, broccoli, and asparagus, as well as corn and green beans are among our favorite veggies.

There are a few dinners that I make that are staples in our house and are already gluten free. We love pork roast, chicken breasts or ribs cooked in the crock pot with barbecue sauce, pumpkin chili, and an easy kid-friendly Mexican casserole (recipe below) that I’ll serve with corn and applesauce.

Once I get a little more comfortable shopping for and preparing gluten-free meals, I’ll be able to step out of the box and try new recipes. And share them here, of course!

Gluten Free Mexican Casserole
Cuisine: Dinner
  • corn tortillas, cut in half
  • mild enchilada sauce
  • 1 lb lean ground turkey
  • 1 packet taco seasoning (gluten free, like McCormicks) or 2 TB
  • 8oz block of cheddar cheese, grated
  1. Brown ground turkey and add taco seasoning as directed on the package.
  2. Layer the ingredients, enchilada sauce first, the corn tortilla halves, turkey crumbles, and cheese. Repeat.
  3. Bake at 350 degrees until casserole is heated through and cheese is melted.


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  1. says

    Sorry to hear about the Celiac’s. Our two young daughters (3.5 and 1.5) both have TONS of allergies/intolerances and most are centered around yeast and grains. A year ago, we found Robb Wolf’s book, The Paleo Solution, and our lives were changed. If you have a gluten problem, look into Paleo. It’s incredible how many problems like food allergies go away on it. Learn to love spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, any form of coconut, avocados, and grass-fed meats.

    Either way, your whole family is better off staying away from gluten. The stuff is nasty and causes way more problems relative to how good it tastes. Keep in mind this is coming from a guy who used to LOVE anything with gluten! I have to admit, I am pretty impressed with the gluten free beer by Budweiser (Red Bridge).

    Thanks for the recipe, and good luck!

  2. says

    My husband has a gluten intolerance and shopping is a nightmare! It seems to take twice the time to double check every ingredient! i have discovered though that rice flour (if you can get it) makes the most amazing cakes and cookies! Even if we could use ‘normal’ flour again I wouldn’t!
    Good luck with the diet change!

    • says

      Mary, how do you substitute rice flour in recipes? does it rise well? We’d love for you to contribute a recipe if you have one in the baking section! :)

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