Hidden Dangers of Microwave Popcorn

Does your family love to pop some popcorn for a family night movie?

hidden dangers of microwave popcornIt takes about 30 seconds. Before the kernels even start popping, my kids come running because the delicious buttery smell has made its way to whatever corner of the house they are tossing their toys around in. There’s just something fun about popping the fluffy popcorn into your mouth while sitting on the couch watching the latest kid movie hit.

But do you know what is really in those packaged microwavable popcorn bags—do you really know? After I tell you what kind of ingredients they have, you will wish you had never asked! But knowledge is power, right, especially when it pertains to your family’s health.

When it comes to keeping your family healthy, whether it’s watching the ingredients in your favorite popcorn recipes or finding healthy lunch box fillers, MOMables has your best interest at heart! These kinds of thoughts and planning go into the weekly meal plan and the FREE newsletter you can get sent straight to your inbox!

The first nasty ingredient you need to know about actually coats the bag. Have you heard of Teflon? We love it because it makes a darn good nonstick surface in our skillets. Teflon is produced from Peflourooanoic acid (PFOA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined that it provided a high risk of developmental and reproductive problems—did I mention that microwavable popcorn bags are coated with PFOAs?? Yeah, so strike one against prepackaged popcorn!

The second nasty part of the popcorn bag are the plastic liners some of them have. We all know that plastic is only partially organic, and the other parts are various synthetic fillers that can be incredibly harmful to people. It has been proven that some of the nasty chemicals that make up plastics can actually migrate into the food when heated. Strike two against prepackaged popcorn!

There is a third nasty ingredient. Did you know that vegetable oils are some of the most chemically altered foods that we have around? Vegetable oils are oils extracted from seeds that can’t be simply pressed out (like coconut oil) but have to be chemically removed, deodorized, and altered. Some of the chemicals through this process stick around and are present in the final product, which are then used to coat popcorn. Strike three against prepackaged popcorn!

Ugh, another gross ingredient. Trans fats are also present in those yummy popcorn packages. Some trans fats are naturally occurring, but the wide majority are produced from processing oils. Trans fats raise LDL “bad” cholesterol while lowering HDL “good” cholesterol. Can anyone say heart disease? Strike four against boxed popcorn! Need I say more?

Okay, okay, hopefully I have informed you (or scared you) enough that prepackaged and boxed microwavable popcorn isn’t exactly in your body’s best interest. So what do you do!? I’ve got the answer! Make your own Healthy and Easy Homemade Popcorn! It is super easy and totally family and kid friendly.


We also have some yummy recipes for homemade popcorn like White Chocolate Popcorn and Almond Joy Popcorn!

The Almond Joy Popcorn is a great alternative to that prepackaged stuff and can be made the homemade style you see above! It is the perfect combination of salty and sweet! Get your kids involved, and have them add their own toppings and get creative with it!

almond joy popcorn

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