How Does MOMables™ Work?

Get access to a FREE week of menus

Can you imagine adding variety to your lunch routine?

Each Friday a new weekly menu plan and a shopping list will be available to paid subscribers.  We email the meal plan to you, or you can retrieve it from the members only area. You log in,  print it, shop, and prepare! It’s that easy.

Do the lunches take a lot of time to prepare?

All of our recipes have photos of the homemade lunch showing you what the meal will look like ­— something we parents love.  In our prep-ahead section, you get our tips on how you can prep the lunch ahead of time –especially while you are making dinner and the kitchen is already dirty!

Do I need special gadgets or ingredients?

There are no special gadgets needed to make your kid’s lunch, no hard-to-find ingredients, no processed food and no lengthy recipes.  MOMables is all about uncomplicated yet good food for your kids.  In nearly all recipes, you’ll be able to swap ingredients to accommodate for food allergies and picky eaters.

I have a 6 year old and a 15 year old. Can your plans feed both?

Unlike store-bought lunches, MOMables recipes provide kid-sized portions you can adjust based on your child’s eating needs. All our menus are “single serve” so it’s easy to double or triple the recipe. We allow you to control portion sized based on your child’s needs.

What about the summer time and holidays?

At MOMables, we know first hand that parents aren’t just busy during the school year.  For this reason, our plans are year round. In addition or our lunch meal plans, our paid subscribers also enjoy dinner time suggestions in the members-only area. If you are going to need grilled chicken for lunch, wouldn’t you want a delicious dinnertime recipe suggestion? With MOMables, you can have a mealtime assistant year round!  For more details, check out our FAQ page.

Can I start my subscription at any time?

Yes, regardless of when you begin your subscription, it’s good all year round!  Wholesome good food should be served 365 days a year; don’t you think?  With our auto-renew program we make sure you don’t miss a single week! As a member, you have access to your archived menus as long as you are an active member. Otherwise, we encourage you to download them directly to your computer for future access.


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