How to freeze rice to pack for school lunch

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Want to save time when packing lunches? You’ll love this tip.

Here at MOMables, the #1 priority is to save YOU time making school lunches.

This MOMables tip is going to save you so much time AND stress.

Next time you make a batch of your favorite rice dish, double up that recipe.

Serve half to your family and freeze individual servings of the rest for future lunches. Let me show yow how easy this is!

Last night I had some leftovers of my family’s favorite rice recipe, MOMables  Cheesy Stop Light Rice.



Place individual servings of rice into ziplock baggies. Try to remove most of the air, and label with the date.

Rice dishes can be frozen up to 30 days. After that, they tend to dry out.

The morning you are ready to pack the rice for lunch, run water over the frozen bag for about 15 seconds.

This separates the food from the sides of the bag, allowing it to slide out.
Place frozen portion of rice in a microwave save bowl and reheat in the microwave.


MOMable TIP! Add 1-2 TBS of water to the dish before microwaving. This will prevent any dryness.

While waiting for the rice to warm up, prep a thermos for the warm rice (CLICK here to learn how to). Pack cooked rice in warm thermos and WHALA!  A nice warm lunch ready to go!




  1. fanny says

    Love your idea on freezing leftover. However, I have some concerns, won’t we be wasting so many Ziplock bags to be used for the freezing? Do you reuse the Ziplock bags? Also about running the water for 15 min, I just feel I’m wasting all of those water, especially we are currently in drought condition. Any solution to this? I’m asking these questions not because I want to critize your article, just want to get ideas on how to be able to pack healthy lunch and also be earth friendly too. Thx so much

    • says

      My apologies. It should say soak in water for 15 minutes or under running water to separate from the bag.
      Yes, it wastes baggies, but I only freeze when I have a single serve leftover. I rather waste a baggie than throw out the food. Alternatively, you can use a storage container.

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