How to Measure Flour – Wet and Dry Baking Ingredients

Whether it’s a special occasion, school bake-sale, or a major sweet tooth, sometimes we find ourselves in the mood to bake. But the truth is, that it’s important to know how to measure flour, so our treats come out perfect each time!

I mean, we’ve all had it happened, one time or another, where we bake something, and it’s too dense, it sinks, or it simply doesn’t come out like the photo in the recipe, right? Check out this quick video to show you how to measure flour and baking ingredients the right way.

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As you know, baking has gotten a reputation for being a tricky and a precise process that only the baking champions can achieve.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not true. As my Mother used to say, “If you can read you can bake.” I also want to add if you can measure you can bake!

Now, we have all had those moments of “where did I go wrong?” as we pull out volcanic cakes and cement cookies. But a lot of baking catastrophes come from improperly measuring wet ingredients, dry ingredients like flour, and leavening agents such as salt, baking soda, or baking powder.

For instance, packing flour into the measuring cup can turn that beautiful carrot cake you are trying to make into a carrot brick! Or, biscuits into hockey pucks; and nobody wants that!

how to measure wet and dry ingredients for baking recipes

Like you saw in the video, it’s important to use measuring cups and measuring spoons with dry ingredients and a volume measuring cup, for liquids.

So, save yourself the heartache and take a minute or two to check out the video, if you haven’t watched it already, to provide a quick visual guide of how to measure dry and liquid ingredients accurately.

Besides measuring, there’s also a process to following a recipe. After writing 4 cookbooks and working with recipe writing editors, all of our recipes are written and tested to be followed step by step.

While I can’t say that about everything you find out there in the internets, at least now you know that measuring ingredients the right way will get you 90% of the way there. Following a recipe… I can’t help you there.

Do you have a horror baking story?

Need a baking guide to help you measure your wet and dry ingredients? This is our fool-proof guide to learn how to measure flour and the other common baking ingredients.

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