How to Pack Grilled Sandwiches and Soup for Lunch

If you’ve been wondering how to add variety to your child’s lunch, we’ve got you covered.

Over the past year, I am thankful to have not only learned new delicious recipes but also the basic fundamentals of packing healthy school lunches from MOMables!

No matter what you put on your grilled sandwich or what kind of soup you want to pack, the same principles apply. MOMables teaches us how to keep sandwiches from getting soggy and soups still warm at lunch hour!

Here I’ve packed my Little Miss a grilled cheese sandwich on gluten-free whole-grain bread. MOMables has taught me that when you pack a grilled sandwich, let it cool completely before packing inside your lunch container. This will keep it from getting soggy inside the lunch box!

In the thermos is creamy homemade tomato soup. In the other container, I grilled a cheese sandwich and packed it inside a stainless steel container. My daughter loves dipping her grilled cheese sandwich into her soup. I love it too!

MOMables taught me that while you’re warming your soup, fill your thermos with boiling water. I let mine sit with the lid tight for just a few minutes. This will heat the core of your thermos to help keep the yummy foods you pack inside warmer for a longer period.

After those few minutes, I dump the water and pack the soup inside. Now my kiddo has a delicious school lunch that I know will fill her tummy, so she can have a productive day!

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  1. Jen says

    I would love to be able to pack grilled sandwiches for my boys, but right now, we can’t afford the stainless steel containers (18.00 x 3)…for something that I’m not sure they would like in the lunches! Do you have any other ideas on how to keep a grilled cheese “warm” ?

    • says

      it’s hard to keep food warm when it’s not inside a thermos for long periods of time. Yes, 3-4 hours is a long period of time. if you have a thermos, i suggest you cut the sandwich in strips and make grilled cheese stix. otherwise, you can try wrapping it in foil. if you are not sure they would like something in their lunch, you need to try it at home first, this way, you are not wasting food.

  2. says

    What a great idea–warming the thermos with hot water while the soup is cooking–can’t believe that I didn’t think of that! Cannot wait for the new recipe ideas! One question: when is MOMables coming out with her cookbook? I know quite a few people who could benefit from your fantastic ideas and recipes.

  3. Jill b says

    Any way to keep a grilled cheese warm for lunch.? She doesn’t like cold food. We have a subscription and love your ideas.!! Thank you.!

    • says

      Hi Jill! the ONLY way is in a metal container or inside a thermos. We mostly “grill” for the crunchyness and melting the flavors together.

      • Angie Rush says

        When you place the cooled grilled cheese in the stainless steel container, do you add ice packs on top of it? It doesn’t sound like it would be safe to leave it at the room temperature. Thanks!

  4. Andrea says

    Hi! Was wondering where you got your insulated cup? I want to send soups, etc to school with my daughter, but she can’t stand the metallic after taste that the stainless steel ones have.

    Thanks in Advance!

    • says

      The one in our post is a really old one… but in our “store” tab, click on lunch essentials and you’ll find a non-metal thermos on page 3. Sold right through Amazon.

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