How to Store Lettuce So It Lasts Longer

Do you know how to make lettuce last longer?


My girls love lettuce on their subs, sandwiches, and tacos, but I rarely bought it because I knew that after the first use, it would just sit there in my fridge, taking up valuable space, only to eventually get thrown out. I found it too inconvenient to wash a couple leaves every time I needed it, which added precious minutes to mealtime preparations. I didn’t like to buy bagged lettuce because it’s more expensive, spoils quickly, and I’m not a fan of the taste—it just never seemed fresh to me.

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By spending about 10 minutes prepping one head of lettuce ahead of time, it can now be conveniently available to you when you need it. Just follow these simple steps to have fresh, clean lettuce ready for use in your fridge:

  1. Remove all the lettuce leaves, and place them in a big bowl or salad spinner.
  2. Pour 1 cup of vinegar in the bowl or spinner and fill the rest with water.
  3. Gently mix the lettuce, water, and vinegar around and let it soak for a few minutes.
  4. Drain the vinegar-water solution, and rinse the lettuce thoroughly in water.
  5. Spin dry if using a salad spinner. If not, transfer the lettuce to a colander and shake off excess water.
  6. Lay out and air dry the lettuce on a clean counter, dish towel, or paper towels until completely dry.
  7. Place the lettuce in a gallon plastic zip-top bag along with a paper towel.
  8. Squeeze all the air out of the bag and refrigerate.

I also like to take several dried lettuce leaves, chop or shred them, and store them in a smaller 1-quart plastic zip-top bag with half a sheet of paper towel for grab-and-go chopped or shredded lettuce. Perfect for tacos, salads, burritos, subs, and so much more!


No more waste. Fresh and crispy lettuce. Tastes great. READY-TO-EAT! Plus, it makes packing fresh school lunches on the MOMable’s school lunch plan that much easier!

A whole head of lettuce is much cheaper than the bagged type, and by preparing it ahead of time, it is just as convenient. It also makes fun taco salad nights that much easier, too!


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