Making Healthy Changes as a Family

My oldest started kindergarten in August, so for the first time ever, I’ve been making sack lunches every night. Plus, for the last nine weeks, I’ve been using a weight loss program to try to get back to my pre-kid shape (or at least, pre-third or fourth kid shape).

It’s been a struggle because I’m not a chef, by any means. I don’t bake from scratch, or whip up home-cooked meals every night.

Well, technically, I “cook meals” every night at “home”, but you know what I mean. I’ve gotten into the habit of making easy, “convenient” meals that come from a box or straight out of the freezer.  My family loves them, of course, because they’re full of fat, sodium and therefore, tasty. Unfortunately,  they are not fresh, nowhere near healthy, and leave me feeling like I could do better.  I struggle because I’m not a fan of feeding my family foods with ingredients I can’t pronounce yet I’ve fallen into the “I’m too busy to make things fresh routine.”

This summer, I knew I had to get something/do something that would help me make school lunches.  The thought of feeding my son another store bought convenient meal scared me (was I failing in this responsibility as a mom?).  Lucky for me, I stumbled upon MOMables™.  I subscribed right away to MOMables™ when both the school year began and the daunting task of making lunches for my son.  Surprisingly, I’ve found the lunch recipes to be great for the entire family.

Yesterday, I starting thinking about what I would make for dinner (I’m not a plan ahead type of gal) and thought that since the lunch recipes worked so well for my family, perhaps I ought to make the Busy MOMs Lasagna. I immediately loved the idea of individual, easy-to-whip-up lasagnas, and through the easy instructions I figured out exactly how I would make each one.  My middle daughter doesn’t like sauce but loves vegetables and cheese. My oldest son hates vegetables but loves sauce and my youngest daughter loves anything her daddy has on his fork. Their daddy HATES onions and tomatoes, so he doesn’t like spaghetti sauce much. And I have to watch the cheese and sauce and load up on vegetables and lean proteins.  So you can see why a customizable meal would work for us, right??

Anyway, after thinking about these lasagnas ALL DAY LONG, I discover that we have no lasagna noodles. WTH?!  So, it’s on the grocery list but I had to improvise. I used all of the ingredients that I planned to put in the lasagnas, but boiled up a pot of rotini instead.


This is exciting for me, if you couldn’t tell.

I ended up making a sort of Pasta Buffet. Picture this: several bowls on the table. One with noodles, one with red sauce, one with Alfredo sauce, one with ricotta cheese mixed with garlic and oregano, one with cooked spinach, one with cooked chicken breast pieces.

Everyone got exactly what they wanted in their pasta; even the baby got some leftover spinach and ricotta blended in the food processor.


I’m so excited to find other ways to make easy, healthy meals that everyone will eat and share them with you here.

Now, I just need to figure out what to make for dinner tonight…

Do you have any success stories like this to share?


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    I love this idea! It’s a lot like an individual pizza or baked potato bar. I’m gonna try it. :-) Switching over to making things from scratch seemed daunting to me, at first – but now it’s just like second nature. IN fact, I whipped up a yummy beef barley soup for dinner and there’s a fresh loaf of bread in the oven to go with it. Yum-O! And…my dear…you are looking Fabulous!!!

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    I love this! I used to make a lot more fresh home-cooked meals…but, I also found myself slacking after baby #3. Thanks for the ideas and the encouragement :) We, too, are making lunches now for my oldest in Kindergarten!

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    You are so cute! I only have one kid and one husband and the three of us are on different eating schedules! Getting us to the table is a challenge. Breakfast together is mandatory then we try to connect the rest of the day when we can. Thanks for posting this! Great ideas!

    • says

      Ha-thanks, Susan! I’m glad you like the ideas. :) My husband leaves early for work, but we always have dinner together. This will be a good project for me to find some new things to cook for everyone!


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