Making Healthy Choices for the Whole Family {Podcast}

Is making health conscious decisions for your family something you struggle with?  Are you not sure where to even start?  In this podcast you will learn tips on making healthy choices for the whole family.

 Making Healthy Choices for the Whole Family podcast |

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Suzanne Farrell is a registered dietitian, nutrition consultant, speaker, and the owner of Cherry Creek Nutrition.   She is the nutrition coach for KWGN CW2′s Daybreak and former spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as well as the Colorado Dietetic Association. She has worked with a variety of media outlets including USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Denver Post, Prevention, Self, and Shape.   Suzanne’s passion is to share nutrition knowledge and experience in order to help others make practical, personalized, and doable lifestyle changes.   Her philosophy is to combine nutrition science with the art of living a healthy and happy life!

Various fad diets come and go and Suzanne specializes in helping others discover a way of eating that is truly right for them. There is definitely no one-size-fits-all diet. Whether it’s one on one counseling, working with families, or nutrition seminars, her goal is to spark enthusiasm about food and nutrition to live optimally. As a mom of two, she loves discovering and creating deliciously quick and healthy ways of eating and meal planning. Suzanne truly understands the challenges of not just knowing what to eat for optimal health, but how to do it.

One of the things I loved about today’s podcast is that Suzanne explains how to make sure our kids are getting enough nutrition. She also gives us some very practical suggestions we can apply immediately.

She talks about small changes you make to control portion sizes and calories and how to pack nutrition into kids’ meals. Suzanne also discusses portion sizes for different ages and healthy sources of protein for breakfast.

Suzanne tells us about whole grains in our diets. Is it really important to eat brown rice instead of white? How do we get enough whole grains into our kids? She talks about the many ways to get enough fiber in their diet besides whole wheat bread and brown rice. She also discusses the pros and cons of fruit juice and whether it can add to a child’s nutrition.

Finally Suzanne shares information about her 4 week program, 4 weeks to peaceful meals and healthy eaters – even when you are not around. Suzanne created this program because she knows that guides with practical, doable tips mapped out can be really helpful. You don’t want to miss this information!

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