Making Lunches Special {Podcast}

Are you looking for a way to add something exciting to your kids lunches?  Making lunches special is important and this podcast has some great ideas to do just that!

Lunchbox Love - Bring Love to Lunch

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In today’s podcast I talk with Judi Willard about simple ways to make school lunches special. We discuss how something as simple as a note can affect our kids in a positive way.

Judi is a Licensed Psychotherapist and mom of 2. She started a company with the mission of improving the quality of everyday life through the sharing of positive kind words.

Based on the age old tradition of placing a heartfelt note in a child’s lunch box and the belief that a parent’s loving words are as essential to a child’s health as a nutritious meal, she and a lifelong friend created Lunchbox Love and has made it her mission to bring love to lunch! The response has been overwhelming.

Judi lives in Lido Beach, with her husband and their 2 children in NY on a small barrier island off the coast of Long Island.

You may be wondering why it’s important to make your kids lunches special.  Laura and Judi discuss why parents use the lunchbox notes and what exactly makes them special.  Positive words and messages can have a great impact on our kids and Judi explains why.  Laura talks about how she personally has benefited from the notes and how you can too.


Lunchbox Love Note

A healthy lunch doesn’t just feed your child’s stomach; it also needs to nourish your child’s heart.   These Lunchbox Love Notes for Kids are great way to complete your child’s lunch, feeding him love and encouragement along with vitamins and minerals.

The positive message on the from helps you stay connected during the school day while the trivia or joke on the back will make your child and their friends smile.

Each package of Lunchbox Love contains a collection of 12 credit card size notes that come in a cute compact case.  They each feature positive phrases on the front like “I love spending time with you” and a trivia fact or joke on the back.  The cards a perfect to place in a lunchbox, backpack, or even on a pillow.  There is a card for every day of the year.  They never repeat a joke or phrase!

More Information:

  • You can find the Say Please products here and save 10% on your order with the code: MOMABLES
  • Download a sample of Lunchbox Love here.
  • Additionally, a portion of all proceeds goes to feeding children in need as well as organizations that help spread kindness.

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