June 10th, 2018


We're updating the kitchen in my house (painting cabinets, changing counters, painting walls, new sink...) and that means that things are everywhere and a wreck! Thanks to the meal prep sheet in the Classic Meal Plan, I know exactly how to prep for the week so cooking dinner in a makeshift kitchen is a breeze!

In addition to the meal prep sheet, you receive 5 recipes, completed shopping list.... all done-for-you. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT.

Recipe Videos & Entertainment

simple & FAST!

If you can boil pasta, you can make this recipe. Easy and 10 minutes tops! PRINT OR PIN THE RECIPE HERE.


Watermelon is not just for dessert! Cool and refreshing and the DRESSING!!! OMG. The citrus vinaigrette is my favorite!  GRAB THE RECIPE HERE.

More Good Stuff
taco pizza from laura fuentes

TACOS + PIZZA = this!

Everything you love on your tacos now a pizza! GRAB THE RECIPE HERE.

easy blueberry handpies

Whether you use store bought dough or make your own, these hand pies are simple to make and they are a fun summer recipe! GRAB THE RECIPE OR PIN IT HERE.

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Mom to 3 awesome people and MOMables CEO. I work hard in my kitchen so you don't have to. I'm obsessed with tacos and coffee -not always in that order.