July 1st 2018

You could say it's quite HOT outside. With humidity, it feels like 104F/40C.

And then, an hour ago, I had the clever idea to give the dog a "bath" outside with the hose. "I'll cool us off and get him clean. That's 2 for 1." I thought.

But it didn't work out that way. Because did you know that when it's that hot outside the water comes out hot our of the hose? My dog didn't think it was that fun either.

And then, it was time to prep dinner and the power went OUT. So making the nachos below was out of the question -we ate them for lunch yesterday and they were incredible -I just wanted an encore.

So, I had the bright idea to make Pastalaya, or the Jambalaya pasta you see below. There are "things" in it my picky eaters don't like, but I make it, tell them that if they don't like something they can pick it out, and I moved on. 

At this point, I was highly caffeinated -not that awesome when it's 6pm and you want to hit the bed before 10 -but alas, coffee makes me happy. Heat, does not. 

Iced coffee when it's hot outside feels like you won the lottery, btw. 

So I have a clean dog, lots of caffeine in my system (check out my Instagram stories) and I just want to "do something" with this new energy since the power is back and our house is cooling off, slowly.

So I just put the kids to bed and I'm sitting down on the sofa to share some awesome eats for this week with you, and I think I should read a book instead. A BOOK!

I'm ashamed to admit that I've been to busy to read an actual book since March. That's more than 3 months! But that's a story for another day. 

x -Laura

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