July 8th 2018

When taco night is so good that it deserves an encore, I often reinvent its leftovers into the most epic taco pizza! No matter the taco, if it can go on a taco it can go on a pizza.

Making easy recipes continues this week because my kitchen (at home) is still not finished. We're going on month two of having most things in the playroom and even though it's right next to the kitchen, when you have to walk twelve feet to get a spatula, then a mixing bowl, and then another... or worse, empty the dishwasher load... you want simple.

The grandparents whipped up a batch of Strawberries and Cream Stuffed French Toast for brunch and the kids loved them! I can see you stuffing them with blueberries, pb&j, peaches... the possibilities are endless!

And then there are the "on toast" ideas video (#2 is my favorite) and 5 wraps for lunch. Growing up in Spain I'd eat everything on a thin crisp cracker -from breakfast to tapas for snack, it was -and still is- one of my favorite ways to snack. 

Later on, I discovered how easy it is to wrap food inside a tortilla and call it a meal; and to date, this continues to be one of my husband's favorite things to eat. I also found that wraps are a great thing to feed hungry teenagers and I hope you find the ideas below helpful.


Recipe Videos & Entertainment


Putting two EPIC things together for a Friday night in! PRINT OR PIN THE RECIPE HERE.

crunchy goodness

Endless "on Wasa" combinations with all the crunch you crave at snack time.  GRAB THE RECIPE HERE and get a coupon to try them out here.

More Good Stuff
Healthy and easy school lunch wraps!

5 healthy wraps

Wraps are like burritos that can be eaten cold! GRAB THE RECIPES OR PIN THEM HERE.

Strawberry french toast rollups for breakfast!

hand held breakfast

Strawberries and Cream Stuffed French Toast?? Yes, please! GRAB THE RECIPE OR PIN IT HERE.

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