November 26th, 2017

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Loaded mashed potato bites

Don't throw out the mashed potatoes in your fridge, turn them into bite-sized mini-baked potatoes in minutes! Watch the video & PRINT THE RECIPE HERE  and grab my favorite non-stick mini-muffin pan here.

5 Lunch ideas with turkey!

Ok, so maybe you still have turkey in the fridge (mine is all gone) and need ideas to use it up in lunches? Here you go! 5 great ways to use up leftover roasted turkey or sliced deli turkey. The lunchboxes shown in the video are these.

Fresh Posts

My Trip to Quaker Oats

I love baking with oats -one of my favorite recipes is the 100% whole grain, cranberry oat cookies with Quaker's Old Fashioned Oats. And in my recent trip to Iowa, I learned all about how oats are made. Check out the trip details here.

pajamagram matching pjs

$500 Pajamagram Matching Pjs giveaway

Love matching pjs but can never find them in sizes for your whole family? This year I got ahead of the game and photographed our family Holiday cards early with the help of Pajamagram. What's better is that they are offering 20% off to my readers as well as the ability to enter a $500 gift card giveaway to make your holidays cozier.  More on our cards and family photos in the post.

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