December 10th, 2017

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banana bread pancakes

Easy to make and they taste like banana bread! These pancakes will be a hit all week long. PRINT THE RECIPE HERE  and grab my favorite non-stick griddle here.

Measuring 101

Lots of requests for a measuring guide so your cookies, breads, pancakes, and all other recipes turn out the way they are supposed to. Dense bread? gummy pancakes? Measuring can be the culprit.

Tortellini Soup

I made this soup this week in Utah while skiing and it was the perfect filling meal we needed after a long day skiing. It's easy to make and it's a family favorite.  PRINT THE RECIPE HERE.

More Ideas
turkey skillet shepherds pie

turkey skillet shepherd's Pie

Whether you make it with turkey, beef, or ground chicken, this recipe is always a winner with my family. PRINT THE RECIPE HERE.  

hot cocoa


The original hot cocoa recipe that's been visited more than 5Million times on our website. Warm up with a mug this winter and PRINT THE RECIPE HERE.  

bang bang shrimp salad

Baked bang bang shrimp salad

Perfect for entertaining or simply upping your salad game, this baked shrimp salad is irresistible! PRINT THE RECIPE HERE.  

Make holiday shopping easier with Staples

With free shipping on thousands of products and a huge selection of stocking stuffers, check out how Staples made my Holiday shopping easier! GET THE DETAILS HERE.  

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