December 24th, 2017

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My family's morning pancakes

Goodness. I didn't have the heart to crop the image... check out the fluffiness, the perfection of those pancakes, and that pour! OY. They are almost jumping out of the screen, right? This recipe has been featured in 2 out of my 3 (soon 4) cookbooks and it's a winner. PRINT THE CLASSIC OR GLUTEN-FREE RECIPE HERE


The entire recipe comes together in a single pan. I'm not joking! Watch the video and check it out! Also, the recipe is located in the description box right below the video for this one. 

How is pork farmed? How do pigs grow?

I had the opportunity to interview the Bakker Family in Iowa last month and put together this awesome video. I learned a TON and I'm so thankful for the inside look at the farm. I also asked questions like "what happens when pigs get sick? Are they given antibiotics? and what about hormones? All that and more in the video. A big thanks to the Bakker Family, they were so gracious to have me!

cranberry orange scones from Laura Fuentes

Cranberry orange SCONES!

And old post but a great one, especially this time of the year! I'm a scone fanatic and this time of the year I can't get enough of the cranberry orange flavors! Pin it for later or PRINT THE RECIPE HERE.  

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