Project Lunch Box – 30 Day Fresh Lunch Challenge

Are you ready for a challenge that’ll make your lunchbox life better?

Marla Meridith is one of those people who loves fresh, healthy, wholesome food.  Her recipes are delicious and her pictures are captivating.  I’ve been reading her blog and drooling over her recipes for about nine months.  Two weeks ago, she initiated a Remembrance Bake off for 9-11; in which I participated head on with my Southern Peach Coffee Cake.  This week, she initiated a 30 day challenge to make fresh school lunches.  You can follow it on twitter under #projectlunchbox.

Marla writes:  “I pitch that we all partner up to pack healthy meals for ourselves (if you eat lunch away from home) and our kids. Are you in? I sure hope so. If you can’t swing five days a week for 4 weeks than can you go with at least a day or two a week? I bet once you get started you will see how easy it is to pack a quick, healthy and delicious lunch box.”

A lunchbox challenge for me? I feel like I’ve been in a 2 year challenge as it is! Lol.  I’ve been slaving in the kitchen for nearly 2 years to create and test recipes our kids will love; and for an entire school year I packed lunches for the 8 -12 kids in one of our test groups.  Now, I have to make my kids’ lunch 5 days a week because their school doesn’t serve food.  How am I going to take the challenge you wonder? For the next 30 days, I promise to give you tips and ideas on how to pack fresh lunches fast.  I’ve gotten to be quite fast in the lunch packing process by now.   If you run out of “ideas” the web world is full of them; but of course… or you could subscribe for under $6 per month and let us do the planning for you.

I want to encourage you to post pictures of your delicious lunches on our Facebook wall and if you have questions, please ask.  We’d love to help you make fresh and easy lunches!

**Bonus: If you’ve been wanting a set of Easy Lunch Boxes, Marla is doing a giveaway here**

All photos courtesy of Marla from Family Fresh Cooking.

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    Yay!! Thanks so much for spreading the word & I hope that people come around to enjoy your wonderful meal plans and shopping lists! Will share on Facebook right now :)

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