School Lunch and Portion Sizes

How To Adjust Portion Size For Kids Of Different Ages

I received several emails asking if our MOMables lunch menus will work for kids of different ages.  Our answer: absolutely.  Some days, you will find that the portion on the menu’s picture looks too big for your 6 year old but just right for your 11 year old.  It’s all about adjusting the portion you are making to your child’s eating needs.  Seems simple, and it is, but we still wanted to show you how a lunch can vary.

Sam 11                                           Sue 6

To the left you have growing Sam.  A boy that can eat a nice sized lunch and is ready for snack when he gets home.  To the right you have Sue, a chatty girl who can barely finish her lunch in the 25 minute lunch period.  Cutting up a sandwich in small pieces is perfect for a social kid because the interaction keeps them involved in the lunch eating process.  Sam also has more fruit, more veggies, and an additional half a sandwich.  Dad (a much bigger eater) has two sandwiches, more fruit, veggies and a protein bar.  Mom is trying to loose some of the baby weight so she has half of Sam’s second sandwich, lots of veggies and fruit (Mom and Dad not pictured).

Everyone received the same lunch but in different portions according to their eating needs.  Making all 4 lunches took exactly 7 minutes and they were all packed in the lunch boxes the night before! Now, who says a home made lunch can’t be convenient to carry and quick to make?

Happy Lunch Making!



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