Special Delivery: Healthy Snacks at you Doorstep

Have you heard about NatureBoxNatureBox is a subscription service that allows you to test out different, healthy snacks on a monthly basis. Each month, there is a new box, full of goodies sent to your door. Does it get much better than that?! The people over at NatureBox use only the best when creating these delicious snacks…..No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Partially Hydrogenated Oils, No Trans Fats, and No Artificial Sweeteners, Flavors, or Colors

Here is the March box I had the honor of trying out. The snacks included this month were:
  • Firecrakers 
  • Nuts For Granola 
  • Dried Cherries 
  • Figgy Bars with Honey  
  • Sunshine Chips. 
All of the snacks were a HUGE hit with my family. In less than a week, the entire contents of the box was GONE! Not one morsel went to waste over at the Family Fresh Meals household.

It was so easy to incorporate the NatureBox snacks in to a healthy, fun lunch for my girls. Here is a quick and fun lunch I made for the them. There are 2 mini ham & cheese sandwiches, sliced kiwi, NatureBox  Dried Cherries & NatureBox Figgy Bars with Honey, strawberry Greek yogurt topped with NatureBox Nuts For Granola and NatureBox Sunshine Chips. 

In addition to the snacks themselves, you will also find a great fact sheet, filled with nutritional information about the snacks, including ways to use them in meals! March included a Chocolate Cherry No-Bake Cookie recipe. I know I’ll  be giving those a try.
Do you want to know what else I LOVE about this company?! For every NatureBox sent out, NatureBox donates one meal to feed the over 14 million children in America who go hungry. How cool is that!
NatureBox is offering a special coupon for anyone who is interested in signing up for a subscription.The promo code HEALTHY may be used for 25% off your first month of subscription. Just enter it in the promo code box at checkout(* NOTE: The 25% discount is only applicable to the month-to-month subscription. 6 month subscriptions receive 1 month free and 12 month subscriptions receive 3 months free.)

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