St Patrick’s Day School Lunch Idea: Leprechaun Grilled Cheese

Don’t you love it when your kids eat veggies without a fuss? I know I do!

St. Patrick's day Grilled-CheeseMy picky eaters won’t eat broccoli steamed, roasted, or dipped. The only way they eat it is in our MOMables broccoli pesto, hidden in macaroni and cheese and now in this grilled cheese sandwich!

My daughter calls it a “lucky” sandwich, my son says it has leprechaun dust, and I say it’s a healthy school lunch!

Fun and healthy ideas like this one are just the sort of thing we do here at MOMables. Add a weekly plan that lets you save time in the kitchen, a convenient shopping list with fresh ingredients, and step-by-step recipes—okay, basically a kitchen assistant to give you more school lunch ideas!

Try out our subscription free for a week, and see if you love our format and ideas.

Happy Lunch Making,

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