Chicken and Hummus Bistro Box

Have you ever been tempted to purchase a “bistro box” while getting your coffee fix? Here is a tastier and healthier version of that very thing that you’re craving!

Chicken and Hummus Bistro Box

While I’ve got to applaud a certain well-known coffee house chain for coming out with healthier boxed “lunches,” I can’t exactly cheer for a $5 price tag on what is essentially the size of a snack.

This is the actual product, put onto a normal-size dinner plate, to show what a small serving these really are. Fine for a little kid, or one with a small appetite, and great for an afternoon snack.

But this really isn’t enough for the average person stopping in to grab a bite to eat with a latte on their lunch break.

Chicken and hummus bistro via MOMables


And on top of that, mine came with fewer cucumber spears than shown online! Pfft.

In the boxed version, you get one small naan bread “pita” cut in half. Which confuses me. Is it for dipping in the hummus? Is it for making tiny chicken wraps? Or how are you supposed to eat the chicken? So I included a mini pocket pita in mine, to open up the options. Dip or stuff. Your call!

Chicken and Hummus Bistro Box

Chicken and Hummus Bistro Box

Inspired by the coffee-house version, make your own more affordable Chicken and Hummus box!

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  • 1 mini pita
  • 2-3 small strips of leftover chicken (or turkey) breast (or a bunch of chunks or shreds. You aren’t being graded on your chicken-tearing skills!)
  • 3-4 cucumber spears (a little less than half a small cucumber)
  • 4 cherry tomatoes
  • 3-4 tablespoons MOMables Greek Hummus (or Sweet Potato Hummus, for a tasty twist!)


  1. Take as much of each ingredient as you’d like…and enjoy!

For a gluten-free option, MOMables subscribers have access to an amazing gluten-free naan bread recipe. For the rest of you, a gluten-free pizza crust cut or baked into small triangles will do.

Make It a Meal!

Double or triple the pitas and chicken, add in a few more veggies (maybe even some different ones, like sticks of carrot, kohlrabi, or beet!) and a little more hummus. Go ahead and include some fruit as well, for a sweet treat!

Chicken and Hummus Bistro Box via MOMablds

MOM Tip: With a little planning, you can make your own without spending a lot of money—use leftover chicken from dinner, plan a few different pita pocket* meals (or hummus snacks with more of the veggies plus pita wedges!), incorporate the rest of the cucumber and cherry tomatoes in other lunches or snacks, or use up the hummus with pita wedges, veggies, and chips instead of popcorn for movie night! That way, you won’t have the rest of each food going to waste in the fridge, and eventually getting tossed.

*The pitas will last longer in the fridge, in case you can’t use them all right away. If they feel a little stiff, you can microwave them for 30 seconds with a mug of water or moist paper towel to soften.

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