5 Summertime snacks your kids will love

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After being a mama for a few years now, I’ve come to the conclusion that, just like the grass, weeds and garden, my kids grow in the summer. This means that they are almost always hungry.

When I see them standing in front of the pantry door, or “snack closet” (as they call it) they aren’t always hungry.  Sometimes they are just bored but other times they are hungry.  This means I need to have snacks on hand.  I try to keep our choices somewhat healthy, with a sweet treat or two mixed in.

I like to keep things simple.  Baking is done maybe once a week, depending on the temperature and if I feel like heating up the house by using the oven.  Popsicles are probably the most requested snack, but it’s also good to have portable goodies on hand as well to take along on trips to the park, ball games, road trips and play dates with friends.

Our top 5 Summertime Snacks – Healthy, fun & nutritious!

Frozen Fruit Kabobs–just as easy as they sound.  Fresh fruit, kabob sticks, mix & match, freeze and eat! So easy and delicious!

Fruit with Nut butters–this is an easy simple snack with ingredients that I always have on hand. Nut-free zone? Check out our Sunflower Nutella recipe.

sunflower nutella

Popsicle–there is really nothing like a good, cold Popsicle after an afternoon of playing out in the summer sun.  Whether they’re store bought, or homemade, popsicle are always a hit with the kids!

No Bake Cookies–often in the summer, the last thing I feel like doing is firing up the oven to bake.  These no bake cookies are the perfect solution to any sweet tooth craving you or your kids might be having.  Substitute sunflower butter for the peanut butter if needed for an equally delicious treat.

Smoothies–they are what I call “insta-snack” because gratification is nearly instant.  Don’t these peanut butter smoothies look amazing?

chocolate peanut butter smoothieWhat kind of snacks do you keep on hand for your family?  Feel free to share!


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