5 Sweet Potato Toast Lunches

Check out how easy it is to replace your typical lunchbox sandwich with one of these sweet potato toast ideas!

Move over daily sandwich because these sweet potato toast lunches are the next hot thing! #glutenfree #sweetpotatotoast

It can get monotonous to pack (and eat) the same sandwich every day, and with these sweet potato toast ideas, the lunchbox can be an exciting place again.

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Sweet and Salty – Spread your favorite nut butter or nut-free butter on the toasted sweet potato and top it with a little jelly or marmalade.

Twisted Breakfast – Mash avocado and spread it over your toasted sweet potato, sprinkle a little coarse salt and then top it with a fried egg.

High Protein & Fruit – Spoon some cottage cheese over the toast, top with sliced berries or jam and enjoy.

Sweet Cinnamon Roll – Sprinkle some cinnamon over the sweet potato toast, drizzle with your favorite nut butter or nut-free butter, top with banana slices, and finish with some honey.

Fiesta Avocado Toast – Top your sweet potato toast with mashed avocado, then top it with pico de gallo or salsa.

Watch how easy these come together right here.

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It may seem terrifying to put sweet potatoes in your toaster, so make sure you check out this quick video that shows you How To Make Sweet Potato Toast.

Now that you’re ready, let us know which sweet potato toast you try, and we’d love to see your creations on Instagram, so tag us @momables!

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Move over daily sandwich because these sweet potato toast lunches are the next hot thing! #glutenfree #sweetpotatotoast

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