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Raising Respectful Kids {Podcast}

Are you concerned your kids won’t be the people you’d like them to be when they grow up?  Is there a constant struggle to get them to listen and respect you?  This podcast is filled with great advice on raising respectful kids in today’s high tech engaged world.

How to Raise Respectful Kids

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Raising kids today is not easy.  There are so many distractions that it’s hard for parents to really connect with their kids.  That connection with a child and parent is so important, not only while they are young, but also when it comes time for them to take on the world on their own.  We want our kids to realize that you can’t get what you want all the time, especially in the real world.

In today’s podcast, I have the pleasure of speaking with Amy McCready.  Amy is the founder of Positive Parenting Solutions and the author of If I Have to Tell You One More Time…  and The Me, Me, Me Epidemic!  She is a regular parenting contributor on The Today Show and has also appeared on Rachael Ray, CBS This Morning, CNN, Fox & Friends, MSNBC, Steve Harvey, and elsewhere. Her most important role is playing mom to two teenage boys.

Amy and I discuss some great ways to help our kids have healthy attitudes and be respectful in or outside of the home.  We talk about setting limits for our kids and to make sure that consequences are set in place.  Many parents struggle with telling their kids no, and today Amy talks about how we as parents can take control and raise confident, respectful and responsible kids.  Kids today need parents that empower them to do better and make a difference. Amy has amazing tips to help parents make a positive impact on their kids that will help them for the rest of their lives.

For a limited time, when you pre-order Amy’s Book, the Me, Me, Me Epidemic, you will receive some amazing bonuses from Amy. They include, but are not limited to coaching sessions and access to some of her amazing webinars. 


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How to Be There for Your Kids When You Are Away from Home

Are you a frequent traveler who wants to find ways to connect with your kids when you are away? How about from the office when the kids are home?

vtechNo matter what you do these days, people are working away from home and traveling more and more. It usually hits hard on our little cherubs we leave behind, even if it is just for a night. I can’t stand going away without them or trying to explain why they cannot come with me. These few things help make my trips a little easier for all of us! Thankfully Vtech has made going away so much easier to stay in touch with our little ones on a personal level!

1. Get a Vtech Innotab. This is number one on my Christmas list for my kids this year. It is secretly number one on my list too! I love it! On weeks when I have to go away or travel for business or guest speaking, I can still communicate with my three little angels. This toy/tool allows me to send them a text message from my phone to their Innotab. They can send me pics, artwork, messages, you name it. So when I have to go away, I am still right there with them.

2. Write up special notes for them. This is so basic. Most of us know this already, but the difficult part is setting aside the time to make it happen. I find that when I am making my to-do list for daddy before I leave is the best time to take an extra 5 minutes to write little words of encouragement for them to find each morning I am gone. I have daddy hide my handwritten notes anywhere from their sock drawer to their lunches. It always makes their day! Of course, you can always write up a quick encouraging note inside their lunch box

3. Make a quilted picture album that has photos of you and your child together. They can snuggle with it when they are going to sleep. In mine, I put pictures of us together from our favorite vacations, birthdays, and even from when they were babies. At bedtime, this helps distract them. They love asking questions about these memories and looking at pictures of themselves when they were too little to remember. It always makes them giggle seeing how much cake they got on their face and hair at their first birthday party. It is a great distraction from mommy not being there to sing them to sleep.

4. Record yourself reading their favorite book so they can read any time while you are gone. You can do this the old-fashioned way and just record your voice, or there are even books that do this for you these days. Although, I can’t stand the sound of my own voice sometimes, they LOVE it. Warning: I hide these from them the day I come home. It can drive you a little crazy hearing yourself read “Goodnight Moon” for the twentieth time before 9 pm.

5. Have a special catch-up “lunch” dedicated just for them. We do this right at our kitchen table, but you can also let them pick their favorite restaurant. The kids pick their favorite meal, and I make it, no matter how outrageous the request. Breakfast for dinner is a popular one in our house. They have a chance to ask me all about my trip, and I can learn all about what my little angels did while I was gone. For the older kids, I bought them a journal to write things down a few years ago to avoid the “What did you do while I was gone?—I don’t know, I forgot” syndrome. These are just a few simple ways to stay connected to your children if you have to go away.



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