Gluten- and Grain-Free Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Gluten and Grain Free Pizza Dough MOMables

Need a delicious gluten- and grain-free pizza option?  Cauliflower pizza crusts are the perfect way to get your kids to eat an extra serving of veggies or to make one of their favorites grain-free. My daughter loves our Cauliflower Crust Lunch Box Pizza recipe. It’s one of her favorite things to find in her lunch, and […]

Allergy-Friendly Apple Herb Stuffing

Apple Herb Stuffing Recipe MOMables

Love stuffing but need a gluten-free option? How about a dairy- and egg-free option too? We’ve got you covered.  When you pack lunches daily, you can accumulate a lot of bread crusts and scraps from sandwiches. I save mine in a storage bag in the freezer so I can make homemade gluten-free croutons, bread crumbs, and stuffing. […]

Baked Pasta with Tomatoes and Mozzarella

Baked Pasta with Tomatoes and Mozzarella -

Get access to a FREE week of menus Are your calendars filling up with scheduled activities? Ours is. That means I need to be a bit more more organized when it comes to meals.  Not only do I need to have an unending, creative supply of lunches on hand, but also good, filling meals for supper. […]

Vegetable Tian Recipe

What if I told you that this delicious lunch is made from dinner left overs? Welcome to our new series: Dinners Transformed.  Because part of eating healthy is having good-for-you food ready, we are going to show you how you can take dinner left overs and create amazing lunches! I know I can be a […]

Chicken Parmesan Cups

Chicken Parmesan Cups

One of the challenges in family cooking is finding a recipe that everyone will eat and can be adjusted to the proper portions.  This Chicken Parmesan Loaf was a hit with my family.  Rethinking the whole portion-control thing, I made this recipe in a muffin pan for perfect individual-size portions. This recipe is simple to […]