Easy Crockpot Cheesy Potato Soup

A delicious cheese soup

In many parts of the country, springtime is full of rain and fluctuating weather. One day it’s 70 degrees, the next it can be in the 40s. On those cool, rainy days, there’s nothing we love more at our house than a bowl of soup. Especially when I can cook it in my beloved crockpot! […]

Hooray! Finally an easier way to sneak nutrition

Hooray puree variety

I used to think that sneaking in more nutrition in my kids food was complicated until I read a book on how to be sneaky.  Then, I began making my own purees and freezing them.  Although time consuming, it’s definitely worth it if you have a four year old that only wants to eat mac and […]

Gluten Free Mexican Casserole

mexican casserole

I wrote before about eliminating dairy because of my toddler daughter’s possible lactose intolerance . We’ve since found out that she, in fact, has celiac disease and can’t tolerate gluten.  What does that mean for us? For starters, the entire family will have to make adjustments to our diet and shopping habits. I’ll be honest, […]

Better than Boxed: Homemade Macaroni & Cheese


I wanted to share with you how I make mac and cheese at our house.  At first, I used The Sneaky Chef’s technique to add pureed carrots to boxed mac and cheese, but as I grew more comfortable with substituting and my son ONLY wanted to eat mac and cheese 3 days of the week… […]

Meatball Madness: A healthy recipe everyone will enjoy

meatball sub

Lets face it. Meatballs have kid appeal.  We sing songs about them.  We see them in movies and on tv.  We have pictures of them in story books and coloring books.  In fact, they are easily identifiable to most of the world.  They span the globe- from North America to Europe, the Mediterranean to Asia, […]