Homemade Taco Seasoning

taco seasoning

Do you buy that packet of taco seasoning from the store with who-knows-what in it? I am a big fan of making my own seasonings because I am able to adjust the spiciness, salt, and quality of ingredients. I also choose to make my own of something I might use often. I find taco seasoning to […]

The Farmers Market: Mom’s Secret Weapon


Do you utilize the local farmer’s market? A couple of weeks ago, this was a rare sighting; my two kids, peacefully helping me in the kitchen. Lunchtime, let alone dinner time was more of a battle ground than a Norman Rockwell picturesque moment. It was usually loud, chaotic, full of, “I’m NOT eating that!” or “I […]

Picky Eaters Dinnertime Action Plan


What is your dinnertime action plan? This final post of our picky eater series is a practical action plan. If you are looking at Supernanny Jo on the left, wondering how hard it will be, I can tell you right now that it’s not going to be easy because it requires patience and consistency. It also […]