Gluten Free Mexican Casserole

mexican casserole

I wrote before about eliminating dairy because of my toddler daughter’s possible lactose intolerance . We’ve since found out that she, in fact, has celiac disease and can’t tolerate gluten.  What does that mean for us? For starters, the entire family will have to make adjustments to our diet and shopping habits. I’ll be honest, […]

Busy Mom’s Guide: How to sneak-in nutrition in your kid’s meals


Greta, our resident mom, writes about making small healthier changes for her family that give big results.  This week, she gives us some easy tips on how to sneak nutrition into your kid’s meals without sacrificing taste or wasting food. As a busy mom of four young children and the daughter of busy parents of […]

Getting Back To School: How To Pack Fresh Lunch

Turkey & swiss pinwheels

Greta, our resident MOM tells us how she’s been able to get herself and her family back in the routine of packing lunches after the Holidays.  Thank you Greta for sharing! My oldest just started back into his second semester of kindergarten, and I think it was harder for me to get back into the […]

How To Store and Use Up Leftovers

leftovers in fridge

Whether it’s a large family gathering or a weekday meal, we often find ourselves with uneaten food. Have you ever found yourself not knowing what to do with it, or how long you can keep it before throwing it all out? My husband doesn’t like to eat leftovers, so it’s up to me and the […]

Healthy Eating On The Road

family sea world 1

I’ve been working hard for a few months trying to lose weight, and my family went on an almost week-long vacation over the Thanksgiving holiday, so I was filled with anxiety over how I would be able to eat right on the trip and not lose my momentum. The last thing I wanted to do […]