Chicken Pot Pie Soup

chicken pot pie soup

Do your kids love those packaged chicken pot pies that come in a box? Now you can have it in soup form! This recipe is one your entire family will surely enjoy! Quick dinner recipes are always a favorite in my house. Sometimes as a mom the pressure is on to continually deliver dinner and lunches […]

Healthy After-School Snack Ideas


Get access to a FREE week of school lunch menus Do your kids ask for a snack as soon as they walk in the door from school? If you need more healthy after-school snack ideas, we’ve got you covered today. Go ahead, pin this, share this with your friends, even subscribe to our e-mail to get […]

Avocado Bacon and Parmesan Pasta Lunch

Avocado, Bacon, and Parm Pasta

Get access to a FREE week of school lunch menus Need to step outside the box just a bit? Check this out! Here at MOMables, we understand the need to mix up the lunch box and serve some delicious non-sandwich ideas.

Chocolate Coconut Granola

Chocolate Coconut Breakfast Granola

Get access to a FREE week of school lunch menus Would you believe that this chocolate coconut granola recipe tastes like Almond Joys? Of course, it’s a healthier breakfast option or yogurt topping! 

Easy Tortilla Pizzas

Easy Tortilla Pizza

Need a new idea for those tortillas you have in your fridge? Make yourself and your children happy with personalized pizza! Tortillas are so versatile! There are so many ways you can use them. The possibilities are unlimited, which is why we use them in our school lunch ideas.